(Mikey) ...'lean up?'...

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Mikey x taller!reader
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"Hey, (name)! we should totally go on a date together!" the orange banned turtle said as he wrapped an arm around your waste while you were sitting on the worn out mattress of the couch, your skin felt his bright green skin touch yours as he smiled brightly at you. His small figure jumped a bit as he said "I'll swoon you over with some roses, then have a romantic dinner and to top it off..." he paused for a dramatic moment as he un folded his arms and brightened his eyes with a mischievous glint in his sky blue hues, "I'll take your face into my hands and you'll lean up and kiss me!!!" he finished as you sweat dropped at the odd request, then realized the height differance...
"Lean up?..." you trailed off nervously.

He had given you a wonderful bouquet of various flowers, and given you a spectacular dinner.
His human form suprised you as his odd clothing somewhat matched, though he merely wore a college degree shirt,with bow, but had jeans on.
Only thing was the kiss he had thought of, though you were a year younger, you were taller than him by a couple of inches...
"Michelangelo, I appreciate the flowers, and the amazing dinner, but don't you think this is a bit..." you looked up to the disguised turtle whom had his eldest brother hold him over his sholders, the brunette had put a blue shirt on top of a white long-sleeved shirt and his gray jeans matching his shoes.
"Awkward...." you laughed nervously as his older brother answerd with a "yes."
...cute, but awkward...

sorry it's short I'll make some longer ones...
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