Chapter Three

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Tonks was staying with Anora at her house until the school year began which was only in a couple of days. When they arrived back to the Forney household, Tonks followed Anora upstairs to her room. Throughout the years, Anora's room hardly changed, maybe several posters changed depending on the girl's taste in music, but her bedroom remained simple and clean, the complete opposite of Charlie's room. Although, Tonks' room only remained clean because her mother cleaned it when she wasn't around.

Stacked in the corner of her room were Anora's books on all sorts of magical creatures and piles of notes she refused to throw away.

"So," Tonks threw herself onto Anora's bed, "when were you going to tell me about heading to Romania?"

"Huh? Oh," Anora shook her head, "it was just something Charlie and I were talking about earlier in the summer. Not a big deal."

"I think you guys should go." Tonks said.

Anora glanced over at her as she rummaged through her closet for some clothes to sleep in.


"You and Charlie should totally go to Romania and study dragons. You guys would be amazing at it."

"But Romania's far away, what about you?"

"Me? I should be busy with my training, you probably wouldn't be seeing much of me anyways. But that doesn't mean you guys can lose touch. I would expect letters...daily."


"Okay, weekly."

"I think I can manage that. But Tonks, I don't think I'm going to go to Romania, I doubt my parents would let me."

"That's the beauty of it, Anora. They don't have a say. Once this year is over, we're set to do whatever we want. We can be aurors, quidditch players, magizoologists, or even bums who sit around and do nothing but drink butterbeer all day and there's nothing they can do about it."

"You've given this some thought haven't you?"

"I've been waiting for this moment. After this year, we're free birds."

Anora chuckled. "But you saw how everyone reacted at dinner, Tonks. No one seemed thrilled over the idea."

"So what?"

"How about I think about it?" Anora told her. "I still have several months to make any decision."

She changed her clothing and sat on her bed while Tonks left to the bathroom. Iggy walked into the room alerting her with a meow.

"Hey Igs." she patted the bed inviting him up. The older cat leaped up and planted himself in her lap. 'What do you think about going to Romania?" she asked him.

Iggy meowed and rested his head in her hand.

"My old man." she smiled petting him softly. "This is it, you know. Last year at Hogwarts, so make the most of it, Mister."

Iggy's response consisted of a light snore.


The Hogwarts Express gleamed majestically that morning when Tonks and Anora arrived at the platform with Gerald and Simone in tow. Anora caught sight of the Weasley family immediately and waved down Charlie but before she could take a step towards him, she was squished between her parents in a hug.

"Oh, it seems like it was only yesterday we were here to let you go for your first year and now it's your final." Simone said.

"Mum, please don't cry." Anora begged. Every year somehow her parents managed to make a scene.

"I can't help it. You grew up too fast!" Simone wailed clutching her daughter close to her chest.

Tonks laughed while the Weasley family made their way over.

Fred and George snickered and mocked her by hugging each other. Anora glared at them and then at Charlie who was covering his mouth to hide his own grin.

"Dad, make her stop!"

"Not this time sweetheart, this is the last time she's going to be able to do, I'm letting her hugging the life out of you before you go."

Anora growled as her mother rocked her back and forth. "This is ridiculous."

"Ooh wittle Anora all wrapped tight in her mummy's arms." Fred cooed.

"Fred I swear you better hope she doesn't let me go, because I'll be coming for you first."

"I'm so scared!" Fred replied sarcastically.

Finally, Anora was able to pry herself free of her mother's hold and gave Fred a quick smack in the back of the head.

"What was that for?" he whined as George pointed and snickered at him.

Charlie gave George a swift cuff behind his head.

"Ow! I didn't even do anything!"

"Yeah but you and Fred experience everything together. Didn't want you to feel left out." Charlie grinned.

"I wasn't feeling left out!"

"I had to be sure."

"Alright, alright," Mrs. Weasley said pushing Fred and George along. "Charlie and Percy make sure your brothers are situated on the train."

"Don't worry, we'll be sure to stick them in a compartment full of Slytherins." Anora said as Tonks circled the two before ruffling the twins hair.

"That's not funny." Fred said pulling away.

"You're right," Charlie said, "it was hilarious."

"Be nice you three!" Simone scolded them. "Remember there was a time that you were in their position."

Anora heard her mother getting emotional again and quickly kissed her parents cheek before leading the way to the train.

"You would think by now they would be trying to get rid of us, not hold on forever." Anora said fixing her hair that all disorderly from her mother.

They ended up losing the twins the moment they boarded the train and Percy was quick to separate himself from his family and join his more quiet friends.

"Let them cry and hug it out," Charlie said, "pretty soon they won't be able to and then you'll never hear the end of that. Like you're never around anymore. Bill gets that one all the time. It's just because they love us, you know?"

"Always the softie, Charlie." Tonks said shoving him into the compartment they found.

Anora allowed Iggy to roam free but the old cat settled into one of the seats and continued his napping.

She sat down beside him and pressed her back against the window facing her best friends.

"You guys ready for this, because I'm not."

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