Chapter 4

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Ashton and me go downstairs where all the other boys are, eating dinner at the table. Ashton sits down with me in his lap and hands me a plate of mac and cheese. While I eat I notice he seems to be communicating with the boys but without talking . When I'm done eating, Calum picks me up and brings me to the couch, where all of us watch the nightmare before Christmas. We're halfway into the movie when Calum slips a pacifier into my mouth. I unwillingly suck on it and get used to it. I don't realize my eyes are closing until Michael picks me up and starts rocking me. " We're gonna go to bed guys, goodnight. " he says to the rest of the boys. They kiss my forehead and head to bed. Michael brings me upstairs into his room and gently lays me on the bed and changes me into a pink and black onesie that says punk princess. He disappears for a moment before returning with a stuffed wolf and handing it to me. I gasp quietly and snuggle it closer to my body. Michael laughs. " I'll be back baby, stay here. " I nod and watch him go into the connected bathroom. A few minutes later he comes back in his pajamas and gets in bed with me, holding a protective arm around me. " Goodnight baby girl, love you to the moon and back." he says and kisses my forehead. I nuzzle my head into his chest and mumble back " love you too " before falling asleep.

I wake up to hear Nickelback playing softly all throughout the house. Michael is probably the downstairs judging by the coldness of the sheets next to me. I slowly get up and stretch, then softly pad downstairs, rubbing my arms to keep myself warm. I walk into the living room and see the boys ( besides Ashton) cleaning and singing to Nickelback. I giggle which gets Luke's attention and he runs over to me and picks me up. The other boys watched amused as Luke swings me around, dancing to the rhythm of the song. We stop and laugh, tired from all the dancing. " Breakfast is ready! " Ashton calls, emerging from the kitchen. The smell of bacon and chocolate chip pancakes invade my nose, making my stomach growl hungrily. I blush as Michael laughs and takes me from Luke, and walking to the dining room table, where plates of pancakes, bacon, and eggs are. " Someone's hungry, huh?" he asks me, bouncing me up and down lightly. I blush and hide my face into the crook of his neck. " I know I am!" says Calum as he walks into the room and sits at the table. Michael puts me down on a chair and sits into the one directly besides me. Luke sits across from me and makes funny faces at me, until Ashton comes in with a pitcher of milk and sets it in the middle of the table. He sits down finally and we all begin eating. I notice how Michael cuts up my food then serves it to me then Ashton pours my milk into a sippy cup then gives it to me. I don't really mind... It's nice to know someone really cares. After we eat, Michael takes me up into his room and dresses me into a Pierce The Veil ( amazing band btw ) shirt and gray leggings. He then gives me his phone so I can listen to music while he gets ready. When he comes back out, he's wearing a jean jacket over a white T-shirt and blue skinny jeans. " c'mon baby we're gonna go to the park. " he says excitedly while picking me up. We go downstairs where Ashton, Calum, and Luke are already dressed and doing something on their phones. Once we walk downstairs, Ashton stands up and takes me from Michael. " Ready to go?" he asks, smiling at me. " yes! We're going to the park right? " I say. Ashton playfully glares at Michael. " You weren't supposed to tell her, I wanted it to be a surprise! We all laugh and Michael says sorry but I don't think he means it. Ashton leads us to his car, then buckles me in. Ashton gets in the drivers seat, Calum in the passenger seat, Luke to the right of me, then Michael on the left side which leaves me in the middle. I stare out the window as Ashton drives. A little while later, we arrive at the park and got out. Luke spread a blanket on the ground and sat down. " wanna swing on the swings? " Calum asked me. After shaking my head yes, we raced to the swings. Calum and I were in the middle of a contest of who could swing higher when Michael comes over and plucks me off the swing then runs with me on his back to a little pond. " Mikeeyyy stoop!" I exclaim when he doesn't let me off his back. He chuckles and pretends to drop me. I scream and cling to him. We fall down on the grass and roll around, him tickling me and me trying to get away. We stop and sit up, tired and sweaty. " Ready to go home? " Michael asks me. I nod my head yes, we then Michael picks me up and walks over to the rest of the guys. We get in the car and I'm asleep within a minute, the soft chattering of the boys in my ears.

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