Chapter 8: I totally love it when you lie to my face...

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'*My P.O.V*

God! she needs to stop being jealous over ever little thing i have! I walked backstage because what's the point of watching the concert when my best-i mean ex best friend left..when i got backstage pattie came up to me..

"Hey mia..." she scanned my face, "whats wrong? wait.. i thought you were out there with brianna.." she said confused.

"We'll she said something a so called best friend shouldn't say.. and i flipped out on her and she left.." i answered.

"Don't worry.. everything's gonna be okay.." she pulled me into a hug. The concert ended and i was in justin's dressing room waiting for him to come back stage...5 minutes later he walked into his dressing room.

"Oh hey! i didn't expect you to be in here..." He looked around the room, "where's brianna??"

"I don't know.. and i really don't care." I spat.

"Whats wrong?" he sat down next to me on the couch, and put is arm around me.

"Brianna told me something..." I whispered, he looked at me worried.

"What did she tell you?"

"That.... that you kissed her backstage..." He looked taken back.

"Wow! that  did not happen..." I raised an eye brow at him, "i promise!" he told me, then hugged me.

"I'm sooo glad to hear that!" I hugged him back, "I didn't want to loose you..."

"You won't loose me."


Justin was already passed out in our bed... and i was starving! so i went and made myself a breakfast burrito.

"YUMMY!" i giggled at myself... god i'm such a dork!

I sat at the tabel and started to eat my burrito.. and i still wasn't tired.. surprising.. so i opened my laptop and logged into my facebook....In the news feed something caught my eye...something that TMZ posted...yes i liked their page....

"Resources tell us Justin Bieber.. kissed a fan backstage? after she was the one less lonely girl?! Doesn't he have a girlfriend?!"

I closed my laptop and started to tear up...I pushed the chair out from underneath my butt and stood up. I ran into our bedroom and turned on the light and ripped the covers off of Justin... i was PISSED.

"What the hell?! I was trying to sleep!" I shouted rubbing his eyes.

"Your such a fricken liar!!" I yelled.

"What are you talking about?" He asked.

"I knew you were lieing and brianna was telling the truth... your such a jerk.. you lied to me! you did kiss her! why?! why would you do this to me?!?!" I screamed. By this time... i was hysterically crying..He stood up off the bed and came over to me.

"I didn't want to it just happened! i wish it didn't! I'm soo sorry!" He put his arms around my waist. I took his hands and pushed him away.

"I'm not buying it Justin!" He came back trying to comfort me. I pushed his chest and stormed off into the other bedroom and locked the door... that night i cried myself to sleep.. i hate when i do that...


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