There's Only One Way To Do Right

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Chris brown plays- Kyree 

Keshia Chante plays- Rhyon

Also On the side is the song that inspired me to write this story. Do Right- Mario 

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Chapter 1

I couldn't be bothered with life anymore. There was just no appeal in it for me. I woke up. I went to school. I worked. Then I went home. To what? Nothing, but my same old boring fucked up life. This was the same thing I did day in and day out. Other than that my life was as boring as watching paint dry.

I used to be on the streets, hustling with my boys, thinking I was bad and that couldn't shit touch me. I was so wrong. I got caught up in the drug game as do most young black boys in the hood. They would rather make that fast and illegal money then to wait for that paycheck to come every two weeks.

I used to think just like that. Why waste my time when I could be making three times what you make at a nine to five in just a week? No scratch that, a day! I wasn't on busting my ass working at Mcdonald's or something. Nah I wasn't feeling that.

With the drug game came power and respect also. I thrived off of that. When I came around your way and you saw me then you spoke. It was that simple. I was so high off the feeling that it gave me that I thought nigga's should be bowing down to me. Like I'm the fucking King Tut of the hood and I was bringing the New Kingdom back. It was my kingdom and all the rest of these bum ass dude's just living in it.

Now though, I'm just like the people I used to make fun of. I work at the mall in Footlocker. I get a paycheck every two weeks. I don't hang on the streets anymore. In fact, I got me a whole new crew of friends. I didn't want anything that tied me to the life I had before because I didn't want to remember. My past wasn't pretty at all.

"Excuse me," I snapped out of my dreary thoughts to see a girl stood in front of me. She was light-skinned with dark brown hair that went a little passed her shoulders and light brown eyes. Usually I thought brown eyes were boring, but for some reason, I liked hers. I wasn't gonna lie, she was really pretty. Beautiful even, but she looked tired. She had dark circles under her eyes like she wasn't getting all the sleep she needed.

"Yeah?" I said. "Can I help you?"

"Can I get these in a size four, please?" She asked me, holding up an all white air force one sneaker.

"Let me just check real quick." I flashed a small smile at her and turned away to walk in the back of the store. I looked up and down all the boxes for air forces and found her size. I grabbed the box and fast walked back out to where she was waiting on the bench with her legs crossed.

I grabbed the foot stool and sat down on it in front of her. Opening the box, I started lacing up one of the shoes and taking out all the paper inside it. I decided to make small talk while doing this."You have some small ass feet." I laughed and she joined in with me.

"I know, but it makes it easier to get shoes. They always have my size and it's cheaper."

I raised my eyebrows in amusement. "How is that cheaper?"

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