Ray P.O.V.

Im sittin here watchin Tay Tay and I really want to tell him off for tellin her that but hey.....some of it was true. I think im startin to fall in love with Kamony

Ray: Why did you tell her that?

Tay: Dnt act like its not true

Ray: You been listenin to yo mama too much

Tay: Yup

The doorbell rings

Ray: What up Craig (not Prodigy)

Craig: Whats good

They do that lil handshake thing and he comes in

Tay: What up Craig

Craig: Dnt repeat everything yo brother says

Ray: Anyway....what you doin here

Craig: You still with that girl

Ray: Kamony?

Craig: Yeah

Ray: Yeah why?

Craig: I thought you were playin her

Ray: Naw

Craig: What my nigga getting soft on me now?

Ray: No I been told you I was done with my playin days

Craig: Well hit me up when you realize that you not gone make it in real love (about to walk out the door)

Ray: What make you say that?

Craig: I was just like you......thought I was in love but it turns out she was playin me so I thought since I didn't make it that time I wnt make it again and now im playin every girl with ass that walk by

Ray: Well that's you im me and plus she was a nerd and still is

Craig: Then why you with her?

Ray: Because shes my nerd (closes the door)

This nigga....he thinks since he got it bad everybody else is supposed to too......well he got me fucked idk if Kamony love me but im about to figure out

He calls his mom

Phone Convo

Keshia: Hello

Ray: Mom....where you at?

Keshia: Im turnin the corner to the house right now....why?

Ray: Cause I gotta go over Kamony house

Keshia: Ok....open the door

Ray: Aight...bye

He hangs up

Ray: Tay Tay momma here

Tay: (looks out the window) MOMMY!! (runs to open the door)

Keshia: (hugs him) Hi Tay Tay

Tay: Hi Mommy

Ray: Well im about to go bye

Keshia: Be safe!!

Ray: Will do

Now should I call her?......should I not?......not im just gone show up just to see what she gone do and say and besides last time I got me a early Christmas present ;)

End P.O.V.

Normal P.O.V.

He pulls up to her house and rings the doorbell. Ramona answers the door

Mona: Well if it isn't the boy that keeps my sister happy....and I mean both negative and positive ways

Ray: (chuckles) Where is my beautiful lady?

Mona: She in her room (lets him in)

Ray: Thanks

Mona: I dnt wanna here nothing goin on in that room.....at least not until im gone

Ray: (laughs) I gotchu

He walks upstairs to Kamony room

Ray: Hi babe

Mony: Hi (looking in the mirror)

Ray: What you doin (hugs her from behind)

Mony: Am I ugly?

Ray: o_0......why would you say that?

Mony: Cause ive been feelin uglier than usual

Ray: You never were ugly and never will be....why would you think your ugly?

Mony: Because people always call me ugly

Ray: Are you talkin about the people at school?

Mony: Yup (popping the p)

Ray: Kamony

He turns her around to face him

Ray: Those people are jealous

Mony: Jealous of what?...me?.....never

Ray: Babe...why are you sayin this you know your beautiful and everybody around you know your beautiful never in yo life or in anybody elses life have you been ugly and you never will be whoever told you you was ugly was the one who look in the mirror every night and wish they were you because of your curves and your hair and your perfect smile.....why think that what they say is true ignore what they say you and I know your beautiful and that's all that matters

Mony: (watery eyes) Nobody has ever cared for me like you do

Ray: That's because I love you (kisses her)

Mony: I love you too

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