Chapter (21)

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"I suppose so." Stepping back into the room as he stepped in, I walked to my bed and sat uncomfortably on the edge- due to the shortness of the dress. "You can get changed if you want?"

Snapping my eyes up to Connor, "You don't mind?" He shook his head and grinned slightly as he sat down next to me. "I'll only be a minute." As scooped up shorts and a t-shirt, while walking into the adjoined bathroom.

"So did you like clubbing?" He asked from the other room, as I flicked on the lights; I left the door ajar as I got changed. "Not really my style I think." As I undid my zipper and tie on the halter neck, letting the dress drop to the floor, oh the relief.

"You drank a lot tonight." Frowning at his words, it was if his statement had an underlying question. Pulling the door open, now in comfy clothes and leaning on the door frame studying him.

His eyes were glued to the carpet, as if he was in deep thought. "Me kissing you wasn't influenced by the alcohol." Connor's eyes snapped over in my direction; "You don- " I cut him off as I walked towards the bed.

"Look I'm sorry, I was rather bold- I honestly don't know what came over me." Connor let out a low chuckle, as I stood now in front of him with my arms crossed. "You're apologising for kissing me."

I frowned; "Well yeah I- " Connor raised his hands at me, "Isabella. Stop. It's my fault, I took advantage of you. I knew you had had a lot to drink."

I narrowed my eyes at him; "You didn't take advantage of me." I now placed both hands on my hips, while standing in from of him. "If anything I took advantage of you. I kissed you remember."

Connor ran his hand through the side of his hair while studying me with his haunting black eyes. "Look let's just- " I pointed a finger at him in disbelief cutting off his sentence. "You better not of been about to say to forget it."

Connor threw both his arms in the air, "What do you want me to say?" Shrugging my shoulders I climbed onto the double bed, "Just deal with it Connor, I won't put you through it again."

"Are you saying you won't kiss me again?" Frowning and crossing my legs on the bed as he turned his body on the edge to face me. "Look at your reaction." I sent him a pointed look, "Can we just put this down as another step in the friendship that you wanted so much to build?"

He remained silent while his eyes flicked with an emotion I couldn't grasp, "Why are you being like this?" Bringing my hand around to rub the back of my neck, "Like what Connor, you're looking at me as if I grew a second head or something."

"You, Isabella- are being weird." He pointed a finger at me; "You should be screaming at me with denial. Instead you sit here all calm and collected."

"Where did you disappear to tonight?"

"You're changing the subject."

"And you're avoiding the question."

"So are you."

I shrugged my shoulders and lent against the bed's back board. "Nothing's wrong with me, I was just trying to act like an adult here. But if you want me to say that I kissed you because I was intoxicated. Which may I add is a complete lie, then I will."

I couldn't help the hint of hurt with leaked into my voice; he was the first man I had kissed. I now only classed Nick as a boy. Though at least Nick didn't deny it, like Connor was doing. Couldn't he just accept it? It was as if he was drawing out my embarrassment, this is exactly what I wanted to avoid! Connor shifted his weight on the bed, "So you kissed me because you wanted to?"

Gritting my teeth together as my eyes narrowed at him, "Get out, I can't take anymore." I pointed to the door; he had officially pushed me to the point of dying from embarrassment.

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