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Imagine for Infinite_LxD

You slowly open your eyes to the light coming through from the windows. You immediately feel Jun's arms wrapped around your stomach. You slept on your side away from him so you turned over to see his sleeping face. He was breathing gently, looking peaceful.

"Sleepy puppy." You whisper, still half asleep.

You twist around to grab your phone. Turning back, you checked the time.

"Aw crap, it's late." You mutter.

You could have stayed in bed with Jun all day but duty calls. You sit up, letting Jun's arms fall away from you. You lean over his face, smiling down at him.

"Jun. Wake up." You say softly.

At first it doesn't seem that he reacted up but then you notice his breathing as become faster. You grin, knowing he's faking sleep. Again.

"Jun, I know you're awake." You say again, running your fingers through his hair.

He tries to fight it but he ends up grinning. He hides his face in the pillow and you can still see the corner of his smile. You shake him but he still insists on hiding his face.

"Wen Junhui. Get. Up." You try to sound firm but all it does is cause him to laugh. "Don't laugh at me."

"You're trying to stern but you're too cute. It's hilarious." He says into the pillow.

You roll your eyes. He can't see you, so you decide to persuade him to get out of bed another way. You gently take the pillow you were sleeping on. He doesn't notice anything and you grin mischievously. You lift the pillow up high and then bring it down onto his head. He doesn't react for a moment but then he turns his head, his eyes open wide.

"Did you just hit me?" He asks.



He turns his head back to the pillow. You groan in frustration and put the pillow down. You jump out of bed, scratching the back of your neck. You didn't hear him rise up in bed or grab the pillow. The next thing you know he hit the back of your head with the pillow.

"Gotcha." Jun says, laughing.

You slowly turn around and look at his laughing face. He was sitting up on his knees holding the pillow in both hands. His massive shirt was slipping off his shoulder and the sleeves wrinkling at his wrists.

"Oh, are you sure you wanted to do that?" You ask him, raising your eyesbrows.

"Oh yeah. Your expression is too funny."

"You won't be laughing in a minute."


You leap onto the bed, causing him to fall over. You stand over him and you grab another pillow and start repeatedly hitting him with it. He starts laughing hysterically and he let's go of his own pillow. He grabs your wrists and holds onto them.

"Hey, play fair!" He says still laughing.

He pushes you so you're sitting down on the bed. Before you can hit him again he takes the pillow and throws it at you. You catch it and he looks at you, surprised.

"I said you wouldn't be laughing." You say.

"I'm not done yet." He replies.

He lunges forwards and tries to grab the pillow you're holding. You grip the pillow tighter and he pulls it as hard as he can. You both fight for it and he ends up on top of you, still trying to get the pillow. Eventually, he manages to get it off you, only because you were weak with laughter.

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