Harry steps between us and puts his hand on her shoulder. My face stings and I bite my lip to keep from crying harder.

"If you don't get the fuck out of our apartment I will call the police." He warns her. The calm tone of his voice sends chills down my spine and I notice her shiver, it must do the same to her.

"You wouldn't." She challenges.

"You just put your hands on her, right in front of me and you think I wouldn't call the police on you? If you weren't her mother I would do much worse than that. Now you have five seconds to get out." He says and I stare at my mother with wide eyes and bring my hand to my burning skin.

I don't like the way he threatened her but I want her to leave. After a challenging staring match between the two of them, Harry growls, "Two seconds."

She huffs and heads towards the door, the loud clambering of her heels echoing off of the concrete floor.

"I hope you're happy with your decision Theresa." She says and slams the door.

Harry's arms wrap around me in the most comforting and reassuring embrace and it is exactly what I need right now.

"I'm so sorry baby." He says against my hair.

"I'm sorry that she said those terrible things about you." I apologize.

"Shh. Don't worry about me. People say things about me all the time." He reminds me.

"That doesn't make it okay." I tell him.

"Tessa, please don't worry about me right now. What do you need? Can I do anything for you?" He asks.

"Maybe some ice?" I choke.

"Sure baby." He kisses my forehead and walks to the fridge.

I knew her coming here wouldn't end well but I hadn't expected it to be as bad as it was. On one hand I am beyond proud of myself for standing up to her but at the same time I feel terribly guilty for what I said about my father. I know it wasn't her fault that he left and she has been lonely for the last eight years. She has never even went on a date since him, she dedicated all of her time to me and grooming me into the woman she wanted me to be. She wants me to be just like her and that just isn't me.

I wish she could be happy for me and see how much I love Harry. I know his bad boy image threw her off but if she would just take the time to try to get to know him I believe she would love him as I do. As long as he wasn't rude, which isn't likely. Maybe I am the only person that he will ever let inside, the only one who he reveals his secrets to and the only one he loves and that is fine with me.

Harry pulls the chair out next to me and rubs my cheek with the makeshift ice pack he made. He used a soft kitchen towel and it feels great against my skin.

"I can't believe she smacked me." I say slowly.

"Me either. I thought I was going to lose it." He says and looks into my eyes.

"I thought you were too." I admit and give him a weak smile.

I feel like today has been dragging on for a week, it has been the longest and most draining day of my life.

"I love you too much, or trust me I would have." He smiles back and kisses both of my closed eyelids.

I choose to believe that he wouldn't actually do anything to her, that he is just bluffing. Somehow I know he wouldn't and that makes me love him more. I have come to learn when it comes to me Harry is more bark than bite.

"I really want to go to bed." I tell him and he nods.

"Of course."

Harry holds me tight all night long and whispers how much he loves me before I drift off to sleep. My dreams are clouded by a scared curly haired boy crying out for his mother.

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