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Every story has a girl. Every story has a boy.
Without a actor or an actress, no story is complete.
Our life is our story which means every individual will have a partner. Some find each other easily while some find after they go through difficult treasure hunt.

Sometimes we look in the wrong direction and or are left heartbroken.

Meet Holly Anne Winters and Jasper Marcus Anderson. As much as we are strangers to them, they were complete strangers to each other. Well, just partly.

They were in the same University doing different  programs but they were together in the University's Writers Club. One joined because of passion while the other joined under compulsion and withdrawing was not an option in the club.

The head of the Writers Club believed in magic and miracles. Little did she know that she made one miracle come true.

Edited: May 2018


Author's Note.

So I came up with another idea (Nothing new) and it happened to be a winter/Christmas theme. It reminded me back to the days when I thought of writing "Secret Starbucks Santa"

If you haven't read it, then go check it out. It's not of the best literature and I believe that my writing has improved since that.

I really hope this book works out along with the Wedding Breakers.

I hope this introduction is good enough. Can't wait to write this book and continue with the Wedding Breakers.

So New Christmas book!! #Christmas #December

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~Sapphire Castle

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