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Lexi's POV

As I got ready for my fight I kept thinking about my prank. I smiled knowing that Zach had too be pissed. I'm not sure what he was expecting from me but obviously we couldn't avoid each other for that long, right?

He had been an arrogant jerk lately though. But I don't think that he really gets that I'll never be with him again.

I ran my hand across the spot on my face where he hit me and sighed. I slipped on my jacket and walked out the door.

I got inside my truck and looked over to see Zach looking at me from inside his car. He smirked at me and stepped out of his car and started towards me. I fumbled to get my keys. My car door opened and Zach climbed inside.

"Shit" I said under my breath

"Hey sweetheart mind if I grab a ride?" He smirked

"Get your own ride asshole" I snapped

"Nah, I'm good here" he replied smugly

"Get the hell out before I beat your sorry ass" I growled

"No" he said

"Fine!" I yelled getting out. I walked to the passenger side of the car and ripped him from the seat. He stumbled out. I slammed the door shut and walked to the other side. I turned on the engine and began to drive.

"You'll come back, sexy!" I heard Zach yelled behind me. I felt the corners of my mouth twitch into a smile.

I drove to my fight. I got there and began bandaging my hands. I stretched and then they called my name. My opponent came and we fought. I won and as we were leaving the stage I heard the faint sound of sirens. Then cops busted through the door and started arresting people left and right.

I ran to the back and climbed up an old emergency escape ladder that I noticed before. I got to the top of the building and went down a flight of stairs. I jumped and landed on the ground in an alley. I walked along the back.

I turned the corner and a cop was right in my face. He was about 6'2 and a tall beefy looking dude. He looked to be about 24. He grabbed me by the wrists.

"Joe! I've got one!" He yelled

A man, he looked older maybe 30, ran over with hand cuffs. He put my hands behind me.

"Conner, check her pockets" Joe, I guess, ordered

He pulled out my front pockets which were empty. Then he hesitated to grab my back.

"Touch my there and you'll never see the light of day" I snapped

He leaned in and whispered, "It's my job, beautiful"

He moved swiftly behind me and checked my back pockets. I tensed as he did.

They pushed me into a cop car. Joe and Conner both were in the car. They were whispering but I could obviously here them.

*All in whispers*

"She's got one hell of an ass" Joe said

"Yeah" Conner said not as consumed

"And those boobs! Oh my god they're huge" Joe said

"Hmm..." Conner said with his eyes on the road

"Think I could hook up with her?" Joe asked

"Ok, yeah sure" Conner said not caring

Once we were at the police station they questioned me.

"What's your name" Conner asked me

"Alexis Carson"

"How old are you?"


"Who are your parents"

"Don't know. I'm a foster child"


"Callie Winchester"

They put me in a holding sell and called Callie. I sat and played with my shoelaces. They opened the cell door and there stood a very unhappy looking Callie.

I stood up saying nothing and walked to the car. I got in silent and Callie got in next to me. The ride was silent. We parked in the drive way.

"Street fighting!?" Callie yelled

I said nothing.

"What were you thinking!? You could have gotten yourself hurt! Plus your having a bad influence on Zach" she said angrily

I still said nothing

"Say something" she demanded

"Street fighting" I deadpanned

"Not funny Alexis!" Yelled getting out and slamming the door.

I got out and slammed the door too.

"Do you know why I wanted to foster you? *sigh* Because I wanted a child of my own! Who would obey and respect me." She cracked

"I'm not perfect. Street fighting is what I do! It's what I love—"

"Go!" She yelled

"What?" I asked softly

"Pack your bags" she demanded

I walked to my room silently and packed. I left everything but the paints and my paintings. I quickly scribbled down a note for Zach. I cried and stains it with tears.

I picked up my suitcase and walked downstairs. As I finished the last step I was face to face with Callie.

"Do you remember my first week here? You told me no matter what that you would keep me. That you wanted me to be happy. Can see how that worked out." I spat bitterly

"Just go. The foster car is here for you." She said looking at the floor

"I don't get to say goodbye. Figures. Bitch" I shot then left

I got into the car silently. I looked back at the house as we drove away and all I thought about was Zach. And how I never forgave him. How I never gave him a second chance.

As we drove away I rolled down the window.

"See you in hell bitches!" I yelled out the window

Then I left forever.

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