S.P.D: The Last Patrol

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Power Ranger fans, this is for you.

As soon as S.P.D wrapped, the entire gang was already nostalgic and discussed how we could all work together again. 

Now, almost 10 years later (holy eff!) and in light of everything going on with Megaforce, we're talking about it it again.

Depending if we can get a script we all like, the idea is that we will do a kickstarter to raise funds for a 22 minute fan film. 

I will direct it and the other main cast members will all return (in some shape or form).

Before we launch this initiative, we need to settle on the storyline - and we want it to come from you.

Get to work writing an outline for an episode. I'll read them and share with the other cast/crew members and one of your ideas will be turned into the shooting script. 

Once we have that, we will start our fundraising campaign and more details will be announced.

But for now. Here are the things to consider.

1) The storyline should take place as events closely following the finale episode of SPD.

2) Focus on the main characters (Jack, Sky, Bridge, Syd, Z), unmorphed. We won't be able to match Sentai footage so we will have to think of creative ways to have RangerSuit fights/Monsters/Explosions. Right now the idea is to have those sequences animated. 

3) Use as few locations as possible. 

4) Your deadline is September 2013.

5) Upload your concept to wattpad etc, and tweet me the link. 

Thanks everyone.

Stay Buttery,

Matty A Sadowski 

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