First Day

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I woke up with the breeze flowing through my (H/C) hair. Its nice to have a wonderful day such as his one.

"(Y/N) time to go to school! First Day! So get your ass here!" I hear my mom call out, I giggle at her sudden tone.

"Okay mom!" I yell back getting up from my bed. Going to my closet picking out a (F/C) shirt with an Autobot symbol, of course, and (F/C) pants with (F/C) shoes. I know that I'm an Autobot but I never really meant the other members so this should be fun. I go to the bathroom getting the (F/C) spray paint and spray it on the tip of my (H/C) hair. I don't know why but it's a thing that they do, weird but cool. I got my black backpack and headed downstairs, grabbed a piece of toast and started to walk to the high school academy.

I don't know why the add the 'academy' on it, just a another weird thing they do.

I arrived to school and went to my locker putting my combo and put my backpack in there, I close it and get my schedule out. So first thing is to go to home room, so I went across the hallway to find B231. I went inside and see that everyone is talk to eachother, I slowly go to the farthest seat there is and sit there. I grab a book and started to read, until I heard the bell rang.

"Class, class, settle down. We have a new member in the Autobot team, please stand up (Y/N) (L/N)." The teacher announces my name, I stand up slowly feeling all eyes on me.

"Uh...My name is (Y/N) (M/N) (L/N), I love all kinds of things and rarely hate anything. I guess. I love to fight and love to hang so... yeah" I nervously laugh while everyone just sat there not saying a word.

"Okay, I'm Ms.A and I'll be your advisory teacher, please take your seat." I did what I was told, everyone eyes still on me while I felt discomfort filling up my body. Covering my face with a book before hearing footsteps and shuffles all around. Looking up to see a blonde boy with black faded tips on his hair, bright blue eyes, black fingerless gloves, a leather jacket, a yellow golden shirt with two black racing stripes, black pants, golden converse along with his metal gear. Such as a pair of gold car doors behind him, almost like a bee's wings, a pair of yellow metal on his cheeks and ears, lastly with tattoos all over his arm with an Autobot symbol and quotes.

"Sorry I'm late! I had to take care of a few things..." He nervously chuckles.

"Bumblebee, you got to stop doing that.." A deep voice spoke on the other side of the room, 'Bumblebee' looks where the voice came from before sighing.

"I know Optimus, but what am I suppose to do?" He ask as I look over to the boy, seeing him having dark brown hair with red and blue tips on his hair this time, dark blue eyes, a blue shirt with flames on the end, blue jeans, and light blue some kind of running shoes. His headgear was blue, metal covering his mouth, a bunch of tattoos on both his arm, and pointy ear gear.

"Everyone seems to be having tattoos or headgear in here" I thought to myself, I had none of those.

"Is this seat taken?" A voice interrupted my thoughts, I look up to see that 'Bumblebee' kid.

"No...." I reply flatly, a small smile forms on his face before sitting in the seat. I roll my eyes, before opening the book I had and pretending to read TRYING not to make eye contact with him. I felt his presence leaning over to my table as I glance at him

"May I help you...." I ask a bit annoyed, hoping he wouldn't be one of those playboys.

"What you reading?" He ask.

"A book." I reply

"A book upside down? You've got some talent then.." He points out, I focus my eyes on the text before with quickly turning it the right way.

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