The Fury stood still and looked through me. I wasn't the soul it wanted, Jordan was the soul it needed.

With one lasting shriek it sprang forward.

"VERONUM!" The door opened as Samantha's chanting activated the seal door. The earth beneath the Fury opened up and the creature was sucked in in a matter of seconds. I still stood in my animal form.

"Well, that's something new."
"Shut up Alexander."
Samantha looked pale and exhausted as she looked at Alexander.

"What the hell was that and what the hell are you?" I heard her behind me. I could taste her fear on my tongue. It was a pungent odor.

Before anyone could say anything I transformed back to skin form.

"That was a demon and I am your guardian, so to speak." I turned my head around just as she lost consciousness.


3 hours later

"What the hell are we going to say to her?"

"Oh, I don't know, how about the dam truth."

"We don't have a choice. She has a right to know now. She's older."

She's just a little girl."

"Not anymore."

"Okay, both of's over, someone needs to start talking or..."

My head was spinning. I could hear voices around me buy they were muffled.

I attempted to speak but that just ended in a groan.

"Fuck me, what happened?" My voice was rough as I spoke.

My eyes opened slowly to a different room. I looked around for a moment and realised where I was. "Grandmas room..."

I looked to the three standing adults crowding my bed. My heart beat some up. My hands were shaking as I remembered earlier.

"I want answers...Now"

My parents and the mysterious shape shifter looked to each other.

It wasn't my parents who talked.

"Where should we start?" I looked to my parents.

"How about your name"

All was silent as I waited patiently for my answer.

"Carmichael, and this all started before you were born..."

The story began.

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