Chapter 1:

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Hey! So I had this in my smut book but I'm already five chapters in and I really think this is going to be like a twenty chapter story, at least, and I want to leave it where it's easy to find so I'm posting it as its own story now!

I hope everyone enjoys!


A duffle bag of crumpled up clothes sits on Luke's plaid bedspread, open and half empty as he scurries around his room grabbing things he isn't sure if he'd need. He can hear Calum out front arguing with Ashton about how they'll never be able to reach the coolers for drinks if they're buried under loads of clothes and food.

He can picture Michael already in the car, probably playing on his phone with his earbuds in and his sneakers kicked off, pushed under the front seat where he'll leave them until they stop at a gas station and he makes his great escape into the mini-mart to snag some junk food they really don't need. Luke moves to window, huffing softly when he notices the smudged fingerprints scattered along the glass from his friends sneaking him in and out in the middle of the night to skateboard in the park. He always sits on the rail beneath a light and watches them skate around, sometimes pulling at the chipping blue paint.

That's how Luke lives; watching.

He can see Ashton and Calum, huddled at the trunk of the car, how Calum's arms are crossed like he's angry and that Ashton's red bandana is in his hand. The argument has probably escalated to the point of insults and soon they'll both be up in Luke's room looking for support. He wonders why they never go to Michael for these issues instead of him.

Luke throws in a few extra pairs of socks, probably his twentieth pair, and the black and blue flip flops still attached by the pricetag -Ashton had threatened to put him in the back with Michael if he tried bringing his worn out flip flops that looked like walked on wood, and Luke is not trying to sit next to the black haired boy with spiteful eyes and sour words. He can hear his mum talking, probably instructing Ashton and Calum to not let Luke drive or eat too much junk food before the two boys make their way into the house -still bickering.

"Are you ready?" Calum grunts, shoving at Ashton's shoulder as he stands in Luke's door frame. Luke shakes his head, hanging a pair of sunglasses around his neck and opening his closet door.

"Quit it, you stupid fuck."

Luke sighs, knowing fully well he'll be dealing with this shit for the next two weeks, and while it was mainly banter with a hint of sexual tension here and there, Luke really isn't looking forward to the amount of time he'll be spending with Michael as these two argue. "Can I get shotgun?"

Ashton shakes his head. "Cal already called it."

He isn't surprised. Of course he'd get stuck next to Michael for the ride; probably have to listen to him whine a few times and try to put his legs across Luke's lap too. He wants to point out that Ashton had promised he wouldn't have to sit with Michael but knows his argument is pointless and Calum will probably whine about how Michael will lay on top of him and they'd both get super hot, and Ashton'll get all sympathetic and do his stupid pouty eyes because he doesn't want to upset Calum. It's like dealing with five year olds and Luke wants to rip his hair out. So he nods and zips his duffle bag shut, doing a last minute sweep of his room to make sure he's grabbed everything he'll need.

Ashton and Calum are giggling, leaning on each other almost for support, and Luke rolls his eyes, moving past them. He isn't sure he was going to make it.


Michael grunts when Luke slides into the back seat, eyes flickering over to the blonde boy before going back to his phone. He pulls his legs up, sitting cross legged, his knee almost against Luke's thigh. Luke can't remember the last time he's seen Michael in shorts let alone worn denim ones like he'd teased Ashton about when they'd first met, and while Luke knows that Michael probably likes them, he also knows that jean's are uncomfortable to sit in and that Michael's legs will end up on his lap soon.

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