Part 9 😊

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So since the last chapter (Which was taking place 5 months ago)
You and raph had issues. he was paranoid allot because he never knew what u were doing when u were up topside. That caused allot of problems. So u two broke up. After awhile it got awkward so u stopped coming by less and less.
( we r now on month 6 (October) ) U were putting on lots of concealer to match ur Skin color. You walked down stairs, walking out the door but stopped in ur steps when u saw an oversized sweatShirt. U tossed that over ur head and walked out to go see the turtles. U stopped by the oldest pizza shop in NYC. Ordered two pizzas as a sort of apology for staying away for so long. Once you arrived at the lair doorway. U pre-paired yourself for Everyone and...raph. U were getting butterfly's in ur stomach and feeling a bit sick again. U walked in and everyone was doing there own thing. U cleared ur throat softly. "H-hi everyone..." Leo opened his eyes from his session of meditation. Don was watching Tv. Raph was at the Fridge. Mikey wasnt really seen to be anywhere. U walked over to the kitchen table and placed the pizzas down. Leo and don followed behind you out of curiosity. You turned around to face them. "I'm..sorry i havent been around. I've been sorta busy." you apologized. "Doing what?" Raph rudely remarked. You were about to say something but then Mikey came in with his skateboard with his hands full of water balloons. He was about to sneakily throw them but then he dropped them from the smell of pizza in the air; with one still in his hand. "Hey Cutie! Where you been?!" He asked extremely usual. You chuckled and then before you knew it a water balloon hit your face. the first thing you did was cover your face with your hands which were covered in the oversized shirt's sleeves. They all enjoyed a slice of pizza and then you kept your nose covered by your one hand. Raph gave you a weird look. More confused than weird. Donnie saw his look and turned around to see you poking at your nose in ur pocket mirror. "hey you ok, Y/N?" "hmm? Oh yea! I'm fine! :D" you smiled and hid a portion of your face. U started to walk away and into the bathroom. U closed the door and looked at your face. Your left eye was still healing. It was surrounded by blue and black. you tried to make your makeup work with it. Ur cheek bone was blue and orange with some black. ur nose was completely blue with some black spots here and there, and your neck had hand print shaped bruises. you had some concealer with you, so you touched your face up. U opened the door and tried to go see Master Splinter to see how he was. You tip toed your way pasted to boys. Raph leo and don were laughing at mikey. Right before you pulled the hoodie over your head Raph caught a quick glimpse of your face. his eyes werent sure what he exactly saw but it looked like your were almost killed. "Y/N?" Raph asked sternly. A shiver ran up your back as your stopped. "take your hood off..please." "...." you couldnt answer. There was no way you could possibly tell them what happened but options were running low really fast. "" "Dude whats the issue?" Mikey asked. "there is something on your face. What is it?" He asked more annoyed than concerned. The guys all looked at you. You grunted. "Y/N?" Leo asked. You put your left hand on your right arm in nervousness. You started to cry a little afraid to tell them. you really didnt want them to know but it seems like they would find out anyways. Especially with the babylump coming on your belly really soon. You turned your head over your shoulder and they saw your one eye had some blood in it. Somehow they missed that when you came in. Your face was just..BLue and black. Mikey looked the most horrified. Second person was Raph. Donnie came over to you and looked at your face. He didnt say anything. he could see you were trying not to cry. Leo looked over Don's shoulder along with Mikey. You eyed Raph who just left for the dojo. You thought he'd care. Especially since he's the one who asked to see your face in the first place. everyone crowded you asking what happened.
raph's pov. I left. i made it seem like i left for the dojo but i went into Donnies lab. he has security cameras everywhere. I clicked on one of the keys on the keyboard to see Y/N. I was just to upset to see her upclose so i decided to see from afar. Your Pov. Everyone just starred at me O.O i didnt no what to do. Leo asked "What happened?!" "yeah gurly." You sighed shakely. (Raph turned up the volume a bit) "I was walking around with my friends. shopping. eating. more shopping. girl talk. and then they all went across the street. I had a call so i stayed behind on the other side of the street. Then someone grabbed me and i was..(you looked down then straightened ur self back up to looking at them) I was defiled and hurt..badly. This happened about a month ago but recently a different man beat me up. And..yea." you grabbed your arm again. You were full of anxiety at the moment. Your shivered twice in a row. All the guys hugged you in sorrow but all it did was bring back the memories of the men defiling you. You couldnt help but start crying. They assumed it was because you were happy someone was here for you but it wasnt. There was one more thing you didnt tell them. But you werent sure u should tell them quite yet. Later that day.. Raph was walking to his bed room until he saw you standing beside his doorway. he just kept walking though. He started opening the door. "Raph?" he looked at you. you felt so cold when he looked at you. "C-can i come in?" "...yea" He walked into his room and sat on the edge of his bed waiting for you to talk. You looked around, seems like not much changed. "So what is it? u wanted to come in here." You sat down next to him but not to close. "I wanted to talk to you about this because..Because i still feel more comfortable around you than anyone else i've really ever met." He gave you a slight surprised look when you said that. You didnt look at him as you said "And this is like really important and i have no idea what to do and i know this may seem absolutely ridiculous that i'm asking u to just listen but I'm really..Scared." you told him as you brought your knees to your chest and hugged them. You sighed and then you said "I'm pregnant." You then looked at him slowly. He was flabbergasted. He had no idea what to say or think after you spilled yourself to him. And his expression was quite clear. He wasn't disgusted. He wasn't mad. He seemed..Worried. "I.umm..I really have no idea what to say." "its ok, i really just wanted someone to know. My dad is so busy hopping from girl to girl to even noticed what happens to me. He doesnt care. My friends...gone. And i've been alone for a while now. And now with this baby, i feel so lonely and forgotten. I just had to tell someone. And i'm pretty sure its because that man raped me in the ally. " He lifted your chin up and looked into your eyes and said "Everything will be alright. Cause i'll be here for you." You felt like your lost your breathe there for a bit. Thats not the only thing he surprised you with..He kissed you. First it was a peck, then it was passionate. Sweet. Tender. loving. ♥ Love...something you havent felt in a long while. You two pulled away from each others lips but then you leaned back in for more. You felt so beautiful that someone loved you again. You felt butterflies in your lungs. Your mind was only thinking of Raphael. You felt so weak and happy. Then and there, you realized something. Raph was the only thing you wanted more than anything in this world.

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