Chapter One

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"Charlie wake up."

Anora stepped over the pile of clothes as she entered the bedroom of Charlie Weasley that particular morning to wake up her dear friend.

"Chaaarlie." she sang, but the lump on the bed didn't move.

"Charlie Weasley! Wake your arse up!" she shouted pulling on the blanket only to reveal a lump of pillows. "That little-"

"Looking for me?" Anora turned around to see the groggy red head standing in the doorway of his room.

"I've been calling you from downstairs for the last fifteen minutes." she said.

"And I heard you each time."

"Then why didn't you answer?"

"I did, but you probably didn't hear me over your yelling." Charlie yawned as he made his way over to a shirt on the floor and throwing it on.

"I'm trying to save you, do you want to be late and have Tonks be pissed off like last time?"

"I would think she would be used to the fact that we're late all the time."

"We're late because of you."

"Oh so now I'm taking all the blame."

Anora sat on his messy bed. "Yes, because here I am fully dressed and here you are...sniffing your clothes."

"I have to see if they're clean!"

"There are other ways to determine that."


"Like keeping your clean clothes separate."

"That would require far too much time."

"Yes because you've been so incredibly busy this summer." she replied sarcastically.

"I have been. Catching up on my beauty sleep."

"You might want to go back to bed then."

"Alright, enough out of you. Get out!" he shooed her out of the room so he could finish getting dressed.

Anora left downstairs and saw the twins mumbling among themselves, while Ron was looking over his wizarding chess set. Ginny was in the kitchen with her mother while Percy was upstairs in his room, keeping to himself as usual.

"Did you finally get him out of bed?" Mrs. Weasley asked as Anora walked in.


"About time." Ginny said.

"He's just getting dressed and then we should be out of your hair."

"Oh dear, you're never in the way. Although speaking of hair..."

Charlie came into the kitchen to grab an apple when all the women were watching him.


"You need a haircut, Charlie." Mrs. Weasley said bluntly.

"Not again, Mum," he groaned. " It's fine. I can hardly put it into a pony tail."

Charlie grabbed Anora's hand. "We'll see you all later."

'Have fun! Be safe."

"Oh Charles dear, you need a haircut." Anora teased Charlie as they arrived in Diagon Alley. She ruffled his hair until he pulled away.

"Lay off, An." he chuckled.  "Perhaps it's you who needs a haircut. We'll just chop it all off." he pretended his fingers were scissors and chased her around.

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