Chapter One

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"YOU'RE RIDICULOUS," I SAID TO Adam as we strolled back home from school together.

Adam Kels, who just happened to be what I think is my soulmate, my other half, my love, my life, and my everything. I would kill a bird for him, and I'd never hurt a fly on a normal occasion, so yeah. The only problem here was he didn't know it yet.

He didn't know that I'd been crushing – no, let me rephrase that – obsessing over him since he moved next door to me eight years ago. We weren't the best of friends, now that can be rest assured. We just hung out on rare occasions and walked to school and back together.

Oh and by the way, we didn't even go to the same school.

So one must be wondering, how on earth could I be crushing over him? Well the answer was simple...I...didn't know.

All I knew was that I wanted him so bad. I wanted him to be my boyfriend. I'd never wanted another boy the way I've wanted him. Hell, I've never wanted anyone as much as I've wanted him. It was quite possible that Adam was perhaps even the key to my sexual awakening. Ahem.

But as all these situations go, Adam happened to be straight as a pole. And even if he wasn't, he just wasn't interested in me that way. If he was interested in me, he should win an award for best male actor because he was pretty good at not showing it.

"Shut up, Matt," he replied, growing bright red and I felt my stomach fill with butterflies as usual with every time he blushed, "You'd do the same thing if it were you."

He had thick locks of black hair and the most intense blue eyes I had ever seen. Most blue eyes I'd seen were light or cool, but his, they were dark, almost like a sea blue, and they emanated a warmth that reached my soul.

"Ha!" I replied, grinning at him, "I would never ever get caught in my own lie! You and I both know I'm too smart for that."

He coughed, "Uh...ahem...conceited much..."

I laughed, and gave his arm a playful punch as we arrived at his house.

"See you tomorrow," he said, waving as he disappeared into his house.

I walked into mine that was just next door. My mum was already making dinner.

"Hey, mum!" I called and she mumbled a reply I didn't hear as I made my way quickly upstairs. 

My mum was a single mother. I don't know what happened to my dad, and I never really asked. I think he left her or something but I honestly didn't care. I knew a lot of people felt incomplete or something when one parent was missing from their lives, but I'd just never seen it that way. My mother was everything I needed; I loved her to the bits of my soul.

When I arrived in my room, I switched on my laptop to occupy myself, while trying to pretend that I wasn't watching the clock with an eagle's eye.

After like forever, it finally hit six o'clock.

My heart pounded so hard I felt lightheaded. My room lights were off, meaning a certain boy whose room happened to be directly opposite mine on the other side of the alleyway separating our houses couldn't see me perched on the desk chair in-front of my windows, curtains left slightly ajar.

My laptop was still open, playing some funny cat videos or some shit, I don't know, I wasn't really paying attention. The glare from the screen had been turned down low, so it wouldn't reflect on my face. I resisted the urge to climb my desk when the lights in the room across from mine came on.

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