Purple Swag 4 || A$AP Rocky

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Book 4 in the Purple Swag series.

"Yo who is that?" I asked staring at the familiar looking girl

"Ashley or some shit like that. She bad right?" He said dapping me up

I nodded not taking my eyes from her. I knew that it was Ashlynn but she looked so grown it was weird. It was sexy.

"Yo you about to get in trouble." Aubrey said smacking my arm

I sighed and face Iggy.

"Why you keep looking at her like she Jesus"? She asked standing in front of me as if she was my mom

"Yo, shut that shit up. I been dealing with your shit for months now. I'm gone." I said waving her off

"I've heard that shit too many times. Where you going now?" She said in a laughing tone

"To get my baby momma back..."

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