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Chapter 23

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Imagine having a manga artist read this. DREAM BIG. Anyway, for Filipinos out there, I'm curious about how you discovered this.

Akashi left. That fact didn't stop me from having the urge to thank him. Knowing that he hasn't gone that far, I ran and ran.

I ran again and passed by people who were actually roaming around outside during such a late time.

He knew everything, right? If he did, he should've predicted that I was going to chase him. He should've at least tried to find me. He should've approached me by now.

Dim lights of the street greeted my eyes. I couldn't see a redhead or even feel his aura anywhere. My fangirl side wasn't detecting anything.

Nowhere. I couldn't find him anywhere. I stopped and panted for air. Looking around, my eyes caught a glimpse of a very memorable shop - the convenience store.

Since I was getting hungry, I decided to go there. Entering it, I grinned.

Nothing has changed.

I grabbed a basket from the counter and threw some junkies and chocolates in it. It was a good thing that I actually had my wallet inside my bag. Suddenly, someone called me.

"Azuri," it was a voice of a male. I turned around and saw Kise walking towards me with a smile while his hair bounced per step as if he was one of those people in shampoo commercials.

"K-kise," I managed to say as I gave him a sly smile.

"People loved our shots. It was great working with you. Wait, why are you wearing Akashicchi's jersey? Are you a fan of his?" he told me.

It was such a coincidence that he even came to this place when I did.

The thing about basketball players was that when they are famous, some sell jerseys similar to one's favorite player. I guess that gave me an excuse to Kise.

"I don't know about that and yeah," I let out a fake laugh.

"By the way, you can call me Ryouta. Anyway, are you going to buy all of those foods? Those can affect your body figure," he uttered as he noticed my basket.

I noticed that people around us were looking.

Were we that noticeable and obvious?

"Yes," I admitted as I let out another fake laugh until the red prince appeared.

"That's because she's not one of those figure-conscious stick models," a calm, deep and eargasmic voice rang my ears.

Seeing him walk towards us, my heart started jamming again.

"Ah, Akashicchi," Kise greeted.

"Hi Ryouta," the redheaded bishie greeted as well.

People finally stopped looking at us. Maybe they got intimidated by Akashi's presence.

"It's nice to see Akashi and Ki-, I mean, Ryouta here. You two were great during the match," I praised as I smiled at them.

I mentioned Kise's name as Ryouta because he gave me the permission to call him that way.

"Thanks," was the blonde and taller guy's answer.

"By the way, Azuri, have you seen the billboard of Me x You already? The one posted was the last shot," I nodded at him as I remembered how Akashi answered me with silence after seeing it.

Suddenly, I noticed how Kise's eyes went wide as if he had just realized something. Awkwardly, he looked at the very quiet Akashi then back at me.

"Was he the Akashi you meant?" I wanted to kill Kise for saying that.

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