Bully Free! (Dirty Niall Imagine)

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Cliona's POV

Niall. The Irish hunk from over the sea. Sexy with those beautiful blue eyes and blonde tips with brunette roots swiped to the side. He was always a nerd, no one liked him except me. I always try helping him out and talking to him but all he does is ignore me, push me away, and make no conversation with me what so ever. All I'm trying to do is help him but he won't let me. Why? Just then, he walks past me accidentally bumping shoulders."Sorry." He mumbles then pushes through the crowd. "Look, at him! Everyone look! He is such a nerd." The popular jock named Eric says. Niall tries to push out of the way but Eric does not let him.

Eric pushes him down knocking him to his bum. "Stop! Niall, lets go." I say helping him up then dragging him along. "Cliona, w-what are you doing?" Niall asks un-sure of what is happening. I just wanted him away from all of this bullying he is receiving. He doesn't deserve it at all and shouldn't be. We end up in a single bathroom and I sigh and lean my back against the wall. "I could've handled them you know." He says fixing his appearance in the mirror. "Lets go." I say gesturing him to come with me. I lead him to my car then drive. "Where are we going?" He mutters. "Getting you a make over." We pull up to the mall a few minutes later and I lead him to a few stores. The first store he picked out some light denim jeans, and a green sweater with a duck on it. The second store we bought him a plaid blue longsleeve shirt. The last store we bought him a lot of jeans, a couple pairs of shorts, snap backs, and tanktops. As soon as we know it, we are finished.

"That was fun." He smiles. "Yay! So, do you want me to drop you off at home?" I ask backing out. "Yeah." He grins. As he leads me to his home, I start to get curious if he's a virgin, first kiss, all that. The thing is, I don't want to ask him. "Right here. Thanks so much Cli, I'll see you tomorrow." He gives me a kiss on the cheek which makes me blush heavily. I wave goodbye then drive home.


Yesterday was fantastic and now I cannot wait to see him. Right before the bell rings, Niall walks in. Stunning. His hair in a perfect quiff, contacts are in, he wears a tanktop and shorts which is a total turn on. Showing off all of his muscles. "Hey babe." He smiles giving me another kiss on the cheek. We share a desk which makes everything better. "Hello class, today we will be dissecting a frog with your parter." The teacher tells us on what to do then Niall's hand rest on my knee. Today I decided to wear shorts so his hand is on my bare knee.

"Okay class lets get started!" The class starts to chatter away while Niall begins to move his hand up slowly. My wetness is getting in my panties as I'm scared it might reach my shorts soon. The teacher gets a call from outside the room and she makes her way to the office. "Bathroom, now!" I whisper getting up as he follows. We soon reach the bathroom and I lock it as he comes from behind. "Stop teasing me, I'm already wet enough." I mumble turning to face him. My body against the door and there's no space between us. "Wet? You want me?" He whispers in my ear. "Yes, really bad." I whimper as he pulls my shorts down.

My heart skips a beat as he starts to eat me out making me moan. "Shhhh, we will get caught." He whispers blowing air onto my clit making me whimper. "Okay. Sorry." I groan out. Niall begins to dart his tongue in and out of me quickly and I begin to feel a knot in my stomach. My walls clench and I feel pleasure all around my lower area making me feel so good. "Get ontop of the counter. Now." He growls firmly as I get onto the counter and reach for his pants. "Eager much." He chuckles. I give him a slight giggle. As I pull his pants and boxers down, his member slaps my inner thigh. My eyes widen at his wideness and I start to pump him. "Ohhhhh, Cliona..." He moans as pre-cum comes out.

"Get inside me Niall." My voice hitches as I stop. As I stop, he pulls out a condom from his pocket. "Where'd you get that?" I ask as he rolls in on. "Sex Ed. Ready?" He chuckles lifting my leg. "Yeah." He pushes himself into my core making me groan from the mixed emotions of pain and pleasure. "Keep going." I moan as he slowly thrusts helping me to adjust. "Niall, Nialllllll." I moan digging my nails into his back. "Shhhh." He whispers increasing the pace. My head falls back as all the pain turns to so much pleasure as he thrust. The feeling of him inside me, hitting the back of me every time. "Harder." I whisper as our skin starts to clap together. His thrust fulfill my needs and I part my lips open as I enjoy the moment. "You like that? You're such a dirty little slut." He slaps my bum leaving a red mark as I moan again.

Niall continues to thrust as he starts rubbing my clit with his thumb. "Faster." I manage out. As he begins to go faster, I clench my walls on him making him moan. "Just like that baby." He whispers in my ear pushing my leg back. "Niall I'm close." I bite my lip. "Hold it for me." He whispers as he starts to hit my g-spot making everything worse. "I can't!" I shout dragging my nails down his back. "Ahhh, shit!" He releases as I do the same. My hips buck up as I push him inside me more as we both get to our highest. "That was so fucking amazing." He says pulling himself out then rolling off the plastic from his member.

"I owe you." I smile kissing his cheek. "No you don't, you helped me get outta my nerd zone, what else could I ask for?" He asks as we fix our selves in the mirror then walk out back to the classroom. I walk in first to see the teacher still not here. "Looks like someone went there." The jock that bullied Niall yesterday coughs out. "At least I got some not like you and your ugly ass." Niall fires back. "You know what?" The boy answers. Right then, the teacher walks in and corrects him. "Go on a date with me tonight." He whispers nibbling on my earlobe. "Gladly." I smile kissing his soft pink lips.


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