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The cool fall breeze blew through his curly caramel locks, gently flying behind him a bit. It was a crisp Autumn day, and the two men sat together, watching the small children have their free time before having to go back inside for class.

Ashton looked out towards the toddlers, chuckling as a small group of kids ran around playing tag — giggling and screaming. He was sitting on a bench, his and his step-brother's duty day to watch them.

"Dude," his brother, Michael, said, "You've got to settle down. You're twenty-one, you want some kids. It's obvious —" he motioned to the children, whom Ashton's eyes haven't left, "And you don't have forever."

Ashton just chuckled, looking at the ground with a small smile. "Mikey," He laughed, "It's hard, I guess...to find someone. I mean, I'm a gay teacher who doesn't get payed shit." Michael chuckled, patting Ashton's back.

But it was true.

Ashton always loved kids. He had a younger brother and sister, whom he would take care of when they were younger. But, they grew up. He was the kind of person who would run in front of a car to save one.

Which he did once. But that's a different story.

Ashton couldn't help but feel an empty feeling in his heart, seeing that he wouldn't have kids in a while. He's twenty-one, single, and had a job as a teacher. But, he still wanted kids, and soon.

"Hey," Michael persuaded, "I am, too. That's how I met Calum and that's how I got married. Because I'm a gay teacher who doesn't get paid shit." Ashton laughed at this. "Mikey," He smiled, "You married him because you get paid shit, and he — being a police officer — doesn't."

The purple haired boy rolled his eyes. "And because I love him." He added with a scoff. Ashton sighed. "Love is different for me, Mike," he admitted, "You found it so easily. It's taking years for love to take me."

Michael sighed, patting his brother's back. "Like mom said," He recalled, "'True love waits'."

Ashton smiled weakly, his hands balled into one fist, his elbows resting against his knees, covered by black skinny jeans. He then heard a small call, yelling, "Daddy!"

Ashton smiled to himself. He then felt a tug on his pants and he looked down, seeing a small girl, around three, smiling up at him. "Daddy!" She yelled, clinging to his leg.

Ashton's eyes widened as he looked over to Michael, who mirrored the same facial expression. He looked back down at the small child. She had blonde hair and pale skin, her eyes were closed and wore a large smile on her face.

A teenage boy ran over. He had blonde hair in a low quiff, his soft blue eyes sparkling as the sun hit them, a black lip ring on the left part of his lip. A worried expression turned to relief as he ran over.

"Brooklyn!" He yelled relived, crouching down and pulling the small girl off of a confused Ashton's leg. The teenager stood up, the child on his hip, giving Ashton an apologetic smile.

"I'm sorry," He rambled, "You look like one of her past fathers, and she goes to this school. She's in your class I think and her friends talk about you...she thinks you're her dad now. I keep telling her you aren't. But she's so young, she can't understand."

Ashton smiled, shaking his head. "No worries," He said, tickling the little girl's neck, "She's cute." The little girl squealed. "Daddy say meh cute!" She exclaimed.

The teenager sighed. "I'm Luke." He introduced, sticking out his free hand. Ashton smiled, shaking it, his hand fitting perfectly in Luke's.

New fic! It's Lashton! Woo! MY OTP BRUH. Can't wait to get this started!

OH! Oh My God who's heard Sounds Good Feels Good yet!? I have and let's just say, IT'S FREAKING AMAZING

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