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One morning, the foul stench of something burning found its way to Anora Forney's nose, awaking the young girl from her slumber. She groaned internally knowing all too well that her father had successfully burned breakfast....again.

Slipping her feet inside her slippers, Anora shuffled out of her bedroom and down the stairs to the kitchen.

"Dad?" she called out as she entered the kitchen that was filled with black smoke.

"Ah mornin' sweetheart!" her father said in a panic looking for something to smother the small stove fire. His daughter instantly noticed that the front of his clothing was burnt as well.

"Misplace your wand again?" Anora asked waving her hand before her face letting out a slight cough.

"Yes! I can't find the bloody thing worth my life." Gerald Forney said turning around to grab a small hand towel.

Anora chuckled when she saw her father's wand sticking out of his back pocket.

"You really ought to attach a bell to it." The eleven year old said to herself grabbing the wand and waving it in front of him. He turned, flustered when he saw his wand in her hand. She grinned at him.

"Ah there it is. Tricky little bugger." With a flick of his wrist, the flames died down from the stove.

Anora walked over and opened the front door along with the windows to the home, airing out all the smoke.

"Where's Mum?" She inquired.

She heard a loud crash outside and then cursing.

"Never mind."

The girl knew exactly where her mother was, outside trying to de-gnome the garden.

A few moments later, her mother, Simone walked into the home.

"Why does it smell like smoke in here?"

"Dad tried to set the kitchen on fire again." Anora mused.

"But not to worry, I managed!" Gerald said with a grin, placing down a plate in front of Anora, who sat down at the table.

Anora glanced down at the burnt breakfast and then up to her parents.

"Did you lose your wand again?" Simone asked.

"Is this the morning of a hundred questions?" Gerald cried defensively causing Anora to snicker before turning her attention to her plate.

Simone eyed the plate and then faced her husband. "You can't honestly expect the child to eat this! She needs a decent breakfast, she's about to have a long and busy day." she exclaimed.

"What's wrong with the breakfast I made?"

"Ger, it's burnt to all hell!"

Gerald crossed his eyes in frustration. "Fine, I'll just whip something else up then."

The women watched as Gerald's brow furrowed in confusion and he began searching the room for something.

"It's on the counter, dear." Simone chuckled leaving the room.

Gerald glared at his wand as he snatched it up. "I swear this bloody stick has legs!" he told Anora.

"I think you're going mad." Anora told him swinging her legs back and forth in her seat.

"Hey, being mental isn't always a bad thing." Gerald told her pointing his wand at her.

"But in your case..." Simone said as she returned pulling Anora's trunk into the kitchen.

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