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Pen Your Pride

The Outsiders *Johnny Cade FANFIC*

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My name is Susan. I am 16 years old. My older brother's name is Dallas Winston. Making me Susan Winston. I usually hang out with his friends Johnny, Ponyboy, Steve, Soda, Darry, and Two-Bit. Sometimes I hang out with Tim Shepard, but I think he's got some weird crush on me. I have caught him staring at me while I am trying to sleep.I turn around because I feel his eyes on me while I sleep over at his house. I turn and he is still watching me. I am so used to it.

It was a warm, sunny Tuesday and my ginger hair glistened in the sun while my light blue eyes are as glossy as ever. My white sweater had a rip in it from wrestling with Dally. My clothes always get ruined when I spend time with him.  He just so rough. I head over to the Curtis home. I open the door to discover them wrestling. Well, except Johnny. Johnny is really shy and paranoid. Plus, everyone is bigger than him.

I sit next to him on the couch. I scootch close to him and say "WAZZUP?"


"Awww Johnnycake.." I say. "Are you alright?" I wrap my arms around him. I look at him. I really look at him. I say a huge purple bruise on his face."Johnny...did your dad..."

"Yeah" he says. I can't  say anything, so I just pull him closer. I have always had a crush on Johnny. I know he can't tell. He's never really experienced affection and been able to know that that's what it is. He thinks my hugs are a way of saying friendship, but they say "I love you. Why can't you realize. You should be mine." But no. I am so sick of this. I need to show him love and respect. Hear goes nothing..

I attack his face with a kiss. A long, slow kiss. When I pull away he looks at me. Speechless. The boys have stopped wrestling. They are staring at me. I smile and Soda with a grin says "YOU GO JOHNNY!" Johnny says nothing. He pulls his fingers to his lips. He stares down blankly.

"Y-you like me?"

" 'Course I do Johnny. Shoot, I been trying to send you signals. I am sorry it had to go that far, but weren't showin' signs of knowing so I went for it." The boys laugh. Johnny looks at them and then at me. Then his lips crashed into mine.

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