Even if we have "Bad blood" I am going to still love you very much.

Today was a good day for me. But that doesn't me YOU had a good day.

My day was wonderful and sad. It hurts to see the people I love hurt so much, but over what!? Some guy?

He's a great friend of mine yes, but He is not worth all of this drama, and I mean this in the nicest.

So you can yell at me, and you can call me names,but I will not let you yell at each other. You will not ruin this for yourselves.

I love you "Unconditionally" I think you are created to be Lovely. You are wonderful. But does my opinion even matter to you? I'd like to think it does, but I don't know either of you like I think I do.

We all have our own trials,fears,hopes and dreams. So why is it okay to cause these things to be ruined, or caused.

It's not what we eat that causes us to be unclean, it is what we say, how we act, and what we think.

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