Amy Pond

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We ran away as fast as we could from the house. When we felt we were far enough, Amelia walked away. The Doctor followed her and I followed the Doctor.

  "You're Amelia." he said incredulously.

"You're late." she growled. We had to jog to keep up with her.

"Amelia Pond! You're the little girl!" Did the Doctor know how to shut up?

"I'm Amelia, and you're late! And you brought a friend!" She shouted at him. The Doctor was confused.

"What happened?!" he asked her. She continued to walk.

"Twelve years." I thought about this.

"Damn." I muttered.

"You hit me with a cricket bat!" The Doctor shouted at her.

"Twelve years!" Amelia repeated.

" A cricket bat!"

"I can see why." I told him. Amelia continued her powerwalk as the village came into view.

"Twelve years, and four psychiatrists." she muttered. The Doctor looked curious.

"...Four?" He asked.

"...I kept biting them." She said matter of factly. The Doctor found this a little funny.

"Why?" Amelia turned around and stared at the Doctor angrily.

"They said you weren't real." She murmured. Then we heard that dreaded voice again. And it wasn't the dog and the man.

"Prisoner Zero will vacate the human residence, or the human residence will be incinerated."

"No no no, come on." Amelia grumbled.  "What? We're being staked out... by an ice cream van." The three of us ran up to the van. We spoke to the ice cream vendor.

"What's that? Why are you playing that?" I asked him. The man shrugged his shoulders, looking nervous.

"It's supposed to be Clair De Lune." He informed us. The Doctor picked up the radio that was playing the awful phrase and held it up to his ear.

"Prisoner Zero will vacate the human residence, or the human residence will be incinerated. Repeat. Prisoner Zero will vacate the human residence, or the human residence will be incinerated." I looked around. Everything that had a speaker was playing the phrase over and over and over again. The Doctor and Amelia noticed that too.

"Doctor, what's happening?" Amelia asked. We looked around for another few minutes, then the two of them ran off in opposite directions. I followed the Doctor over a garden fence and into a house, where there was an elderly lady pressing buttons on her remote, staring at the television, that was playing the phrase and there was a picture of an eyeball on her screen.

"Hello! Sorry to burst in, we're doing a special on television faults in this area." The Doctor announced. Then Amelia burst into the room

"....Also, crimes. Let's have a look." The Doctor muttered. Then he went over to the television and looked it over, stealing the remote from the woman. The woman spoke to him as he worked.

"I was just about to phone.. It's on every channel!" Then she seemed to notice Amelia. "Oh, hello Amy dear! ...Are you a policewoman now?" she asked. I looked at Amelia, who looked completely embarrassed.

"Well! Sometimes..." She muttered. The woman was just as confused as me.

"I thought you were a nurse." She said. The Doctor looked at Amelia curiously. I gave her a look.

"I can. Be a nurse."

"Or, actually a nun?" The woman's face looked questionable as she seemed to realize what was happening here. Amelia laughed.

"I dabble!" she said. The woman chose to ignore this and looked at the Doctor.

"So who are your friends Amy?" The woman asked. The Doctor sat up and looked at her.

"Who's Amy? You're Amelia!" The Doctor said.

"Yeah, now I'm Amy!" She said. The Doctor shouted, clearly upset.

"Amelia Pond! That was a great name!" I agreed.

"It was! I was looking forward to meeting Amelia Pond.

"...Bit fairytale." She told us. The Doctor stared at us. The woman stared at the Doctor.

"I know, you, don't I? I mean I've seen you somewhere before!" she exclaimed. The Doctor shook his head.

"Not me. Brand new face." He stretched out his new face. " First time on. And what sort of job's a kissogram?" He asked Amy.

"I go to parties, and... I kiss people." She cleared her throat. "With outfits. It's a laugh!" I chuckled.

"I bet it is." I said. "seeing you prance around in your police outfit, your nurse outfit, your nun robes, and your French  maid dress." she squinted at me. The Doctor paid no attention.

"You were a little girl five minutes ago!" He shouted at her. She scowled.

"You're worse than my aunt." She growled.

"I'm the Doctor, I'm worse than everybody's aunt!" Then he turned back to the woman. " And, that is not how I'm introducing myself." the woman nodded, a little bemused. The Doctor turned to the radio and began to sonic it, listening to the phrase in all the different languages around Earth.

"Okay. So it's everywhere. In every language." I said slowly, realizing what was happening. 

"They're broadcasting to the whole world." The Doctor muttered. Then he ran to the window and leaned out. Amy watched as he looked up at the sky.

"What's up there? What are you looking at?" she asked him tentatively. He didn't answer as he pulled himself back into the room and starting pacing. 

"Okay." he said. "Planet this size, two poles? Your basic molten core? Uh, they're gonna need a forty per cent fission blast." Then a guy with brown hair done up in a peak on his head, a blue sort of sailor shirt and jeans walked into the front door. The Doctor backed him against the wall and leaned in right up close. I snickered at the guy's face. The Doctor went right on rambling.

"But they'll have to power up first. So, assuming a medium sized star ship... that's twenty minutes. What do you think? Twenty minutes?" he asked Jeff. I thought for a moment. He was right.

"Twenty minutes. That's right." I replied. The Doctor bounced up and down on his toes, making himself equal to the guy's height, then back down.

"Yeah... Twenty minutes." he agreed. "We've got twenty minutes." Dread filled my body. Amy was confused while the guy was amazed.

"Twenty minutes to what?" she asked. The guy turned to her.

"Are you the Doctor?" he asked the Doctor. The woman got super excited.

"He is, isn't he?" she exclaimed. "He's the Doctor! The Raggedy Doctor! All those cartoons you did when you were little? The Raggedy Doctor! It's him!" Amy's face turned red again and she cleared her throat.

"...Shut up." she muttered under her breath. I gave her a look.

"...Cartoons?" I asked her. The Doctor went over towards the television and slumped on the couch. The guy wandered closer.

" Gran? It's him, isn't it? It's really him!" He exclaimed. Amy became very apprehensive.

"Jeff, shut up!" she shouted at the guy. Then she turned back to the Doctor. "Twenty minutes to what?" The Doctor stared straight ahead.

"The human residence. They're not talking about your house, they're talking about the planet. Somewhere up there, there's a spaceship. Aaand, it's going to incinerate the planet." We let that sink in. Then I spoke.

"Twenty minutes to the end of the world."

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