Chapter 13: All Good Things Must Come To An End

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September 30 2015

I look at myself in the mirror once more. I'm wearing my vans again with a washed out pair of blue skinnies. A charcoal grey, button down t-shirt. My glasses are on, my contacts were irritating me again, so I took them out- I think I need a new prescription. My grey beanie, with my messy brown hair peeking out. I'd like to say I look good, but I'm not sure. But it's too late to change now, he'll be here any minute. Why do I even care? We are only two friends hanging out- I'm just nervous, I've never been friends with a jock before.
Ding dong. The bell rang, I half jump down the stairs, then realise it won't be cool if I answer it looking desperate. So I smooth out my shirt and put on a chill façade. I stroll up to the door and casually open it with a small smile.
"Hey," I say, causing a distracted Damian to turn around. He has a phone pressed to his ear, but once he sees me- he loses all of focus in it. Quickly, realising it was still on, "sorry, I have to go now "he excuses himself and hangs up.
"Hey Noah- you look good" he says approvingly.
"Um, thanks," I say "you do too". Which he does. He's wearing a black, tight fitted t-shirt that shows off his toned physique with dark blue skinnies and black high tops.
"Sorry, I didn't mean to make this awkward, it's just- you do. But don't worry this isn't a date! We're just two dudes hanging out." He replies quickly trying to assure me he has no ulterior motive. Why does it feel like my stomach has disappeared and there is a small lump in my throat?
"Yeah, I didn't think this was. So um, where are we going to eat? I'm starving!" I say and my stomach growls in agreement. He smiles a mischievous smile.
"It's a surprise." He leads me to his car and for a moment he just stares at the front of it as if he is lost. Then he moves towards the passenger side of the car, then opens the door to me. "After you," he says gesturing me in. I look up in confusion as he does this "sorry, I just couldn't help myself" he mumbles.
"It's cool, I'm lazy so it's cool" I feebly try to smooth the awkwardness out of the air. We settle into the car and he asks me what I want to listen to. I just shrug. Some strange, beat music begins to play. Something that sounds from the 80's and was better left there too. "What is this song?" I ask casually, intrigued by the random pick and kind of confused as to why Damian would like it.
"Small Town Boy by Bronski Beat" I look at him curiously waiting for him to elaborate, "this is all a mix of my dad's favourite music. He had an eccentric taste shall we say, well he left this mix of songs, on a CD in the car. I haven't had the heart to take it out, so instead I've just listened to it on repeat since my dad died. I now, could tell you the order and lyric to every song on this CD backwards," I laugh. "What? I'm being serious," and it's that fact- that he is serious- that makes me laugh harder.  "Do you think its dorky?"
"No, I think is sweet. Omg! Is this a thousand miles by Vanessa what's her name?" I can't help but burst into hysteric laughs now.
"Carlton- and yeah, don't blame me: my dad was a bit of a romantic. It gets worst he has like Taylor Swifts' Love Story and crap like that."
"Don't you dare diss Taylor!" I nearly scream.
"Wait, don't tell me you're a Swifty?" I glare at him, "hey I'm not going to lie – Blank Space is quite catchy- but if you tell one person..."
He quickly tries to cover up.
"Let me guess: you'll kill me? Which only shows, you aren't a true Swifty!"
I can't believe this guy- isn't even proud to like Taylor. I'm questioning us being friends now.
"I was going to say, you'll be paying next time.... But if all you see me as is a brutal killer- I guess we can go that way. "
"Next time-huh? Jumping the gun a bit aren't we?"I tease, ignoring the rest of his statement.
"Yeah I guess, I was hoping at least there will be a next time." Silver mumbles sheepishly.

Before long we arrive at a little hole in the wall kind of place. "This is the best burger place in town," Damian says excitedly.
"Okay," I say following behind him. The restaurant itself was a little on the shabby side. But over all had a cute, quirky feel. The tiled floor and random pictures on the wall created a very busy atmosphere. The entire place looked a little strung together, with random tables, odd chairs and a strange layout. But the entire place was clean, happy and filled with an acceptable amount of people considering it was before the main dinner rush.
A young, Caucasian women seated us at little table by the window. The place was entirely lit by lanterns or candles. However, our table was a little off the main area -so all the light came from an arrangement of candles hung on a low shelf above Damian's head. It was cosy and quite secured so I instantly liked it. There was just something about the audacity of this place that made it homely.

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