CHAPTER 71 Sneaky Showers

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Once I was done I walked back into the master bedroom and was met with the sounds of my Parents laughing. They were wrestling on the bed and looking pretty cute rolling around! It felt like they didn't have a care in the world. And in a perfect world, that would have been true.

"I haven't heard the sounds of you guys laughing and joking together in a long time," I told them.

"Are you sure you don't want to take a shower down at the [Glass] House?" Mom asked later that day.

"No thanks. The next time I get in a shower, I want to be able to stand in it a long long time and not have to worry about rushing out [because we got caught]."

"Okay," Mom replied.

They had been sneaking down to the Glass House, their old temporary house on Parcel B, to take showers. One of the back doors to the house, next to Dad's former office, was near impossible to close. So it was an easy thing to get back in. I always felt anxious when they snuck down to take a shower, thinking a car would pull up and they'd get caught. I had a vision of them trying to sneak out of the house wrapped in only a towel, all wet, with shampoo still in their hair!

I showered outside, in the buff. I took the old gate to the yard of the Main/Glass House Compound that had come off the hinges and used it as my front curtain. It would block the view in case anyone pulled up in a car into the compound yard. The best place for my shower was right in front of the kitchen window at the Main House. I used two large pots that were filled with warm water. I nicknamed it my "Two Pot Shower".

The process was simple. First I'd take off all my clothes and brush my skin with a special skin brush. I had come across it in a book of ancient Chinese therapies. Skin brushing is used to help the lymphatic system, since the skin is the body's largest organ. I had noticed over the years my skin was very soft since I started doing the skin brushing every day before my shower. The routine took about three minutes to do.

Then I'd start the process of waiting for the water to heat up. The Main House was an old home with old pipes and I was on the second floor. So it took a while since I was pretty far away from the hot water heater. Once it was hot enough, I'd wash my hair in the upstairs bathroom sink.

When my hair was clean, I put it up and out of my way with a hair clip. Then I filled up my two large kitchen pots with really warm water. I'd walk down the narrow stairs and drop off one of the pots at my outside shower spot. And come back upstairs to get the other pot.

Once I had both pots downstairs at my shower spot, I wrapped a towel around me and took my soap and a washcloth and set them on a little table I had next to my shower spot. I hung my towel up on my makeshift curtain [the wooden gate] and commenced with wetting down my skin using one of the pots of water. Once my skin was wet, I lathered up with the bar of soap.

Lastly was the process of rinsing. I grabbed the smaller empty pot of my two pots, and poured water from the larger pot into it. Then I poured the clean water, from the partially filled smaller pot, over my soaped up skin. I would repeat the process until all the water was gone and hopefully so was the soap! Rinsing went really quickly but it was important to make sure that I washed off all the soap.

There was a breeze that blew through the back fence and right through me in the evening. So I tried to bathe before evening set when it was still somewhat warm outside. The cold breeze didn't make one want to linger at the bath. I had to keep my eyes peeled for the skunk babies wandering around, ready to spray anything and everything!

I never thought showering would be such an involved process. The days of jumping into the shower were long gone. I must have looked pretty comical doing my shower routine!

"Dry skin brushing stimulates the lymph canals to drain toxic mucoid matter into the colon, thereby purifying the entire lymphatic system. This enables lymph to perform its house-cleaning duties by keeping the blood and other vital tissues detoxified."

Daniel Reid

American Author

(1948- )

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