CHAPTER 69 Envision What You Want

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I had taken my copy of "The Secret" DVD downstairs so Dad could play it on his computer and turn it up so we could all hear it. It seemed to change the whole energy of the house from a negative stormy cloud to a positive clear sky. Hope was possible again.

We had a nice breakfast. Mom made pancakes with Bisquick and some frozen milk. She was the Bisquick Queen. It wasn't a bad meal given our gloomy situation.

We ate and talked about where we were. It was an endless discussion and one we had every fucking day, trying to change our lives.

"The only thing we're missing, at least speaking for myself, is the belief and the energy. I keep thinking I need to convince someone to help us," Dad said.

"You mean like you need to do some presentation," I asked him.

"Right. But this isn't about me doing some presentation to convince someone to help. They're going to want to help us. They're going to think we're great and what we want to do is great. They're going to be excited to be a part of helping us fulfill our Dream."

"We don't spend any time on what happens after we make the deal," I told him.

"That's a good point. Well, figure a month to make the offer, have it accepted and close escrow on the Farm."

"And what do we do while that's happening?" I asked.

"We plan and research the temporary improvements we want to make to the Farm. And then figure those will take a couple of months to do," he said.

So that brings us to September. And then what are we doing?"

"We're working on our projects," Dad said.

"When are we taking a vacation?" I asked.

"The perfect time to do that is during the improvements on the Farm. Take a month off," Dad said.

"Will the Bank let us stay here during escrow?"

"Probably. I don't see why not."

"It's not like we're new owners," I said.

"Exactly. They may not let us stay until they've accepted the offer though. So that could be a couple days or two weeks."

"So where do we stay?" I asked Dad.

"Maybe down at the local motel. I could probably get a great deal down there since I know the Sales Rep."

"So how do we manifest what we want to happen on Tuesday, if that's what we all want? I think it sounds like a great Tuesday," I said.

"It's a fantastic Tuesday! We could even courier the money directly to the Bank, the note holder, and skip all the middlemen," Dad said.

"What do you think Mom?" I asked her.

"I like it," Mom said.

"Mom thinks it's great."

"So Tuesday I spend like a busy bee running around dealing with all four parcels at once. And if I have to, go right to the auction on the steps of the Courthouse and buy the two parcels right there."

"So we celebrate Tuesday?"

"Exactly. And Wednesday comes and maybe they don't even do the Lock-Out. Or if they do, we're gone for a couple days or something."

"If that's what we all want, how do we make it happen?" I asked Dad.

"We tell the Universe that's what we want. We believe it is happening or has happened. We believe we deserve it. And we feel the emotions of it having happened."

After our breakfast meeting, I worked on the book. I could only write for short blocks of time. The eye wouldn't let me work longer, even if I covered it. I hated having to constantly slow down and stop my life because I needed to cater to my eye. There was so much left to write too. I always seemed to be running to catch up.

The Main House was quiet and so was the Farm. The quietness helped me forget. The Main House had become a protective shield. Of course the shields only worked if it was quiet.

Most of the time we had to deal with all sorts of people driving around the Farm. The sounds of cars and realtors and the conversations of prospective buyers filled the once quiet orchard. People pointing this way and that way, figuring out how they could do this or that with our home. The peacefulness we used to have here was gone. And somewhere down deep, I wondered if it would ever come back.

"The official unemployment rate reached 9.4 percent in May 2009, and 27 percent of the 14.5 million persons who are unemployed have not been able to find work despite looking for 27 weeks or more."

Foreclosure to Homelessness

2009 Report

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