CHAPTER 66 Giles and The Foundation

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The next morning right before they left, Dad said, "I think the leak from the toilet is coming from the septic system."

"That's not a good sign," I said.

"No. No it's not. The septic system here at this house is already small. Then you add that it doesn't have a proper leech field [which is the water overflow from the septic that allows the tank only to collect the waste]. And unfortunately we only have the kitchen's grey water not going to the tank."

"Well, so we should cut down on the amount of water that's going down the drain."

"Yes. And the amount we flush the toilet too," Dad said.

"So maybe don't flush for the pee-pee's [urine]," I said.

"Exactly. And don't flush in the night either."


"Then what we should do if we're going to be here a little bit is replace this septic tank with one of the new ones that recycles the water [the recycled water can be used in your garden]."

I spent the day doing some chores, and writing up in my room. Writing this book seemed like a daunting and endless task. When I'd started writing it, I had thought it would end with something like, "They rode off into the sunset and lived happily ever after on the Farm."

So far, the ending wasn't heading there, not even close. In fact, I no longer had a clue as to what the ending would be. But I knew what I wanted it to be.

Dad and Mom came back from town later that day, and Dad had a call with Giles with the Foundation. Giles said the Foundation is verbally interested. He asked my Dad how much money he was going to need this year to get the U.S. Special Operations Video History Project going.

"Ten million," Dad said.

"Wow. And how much seed money to get you started?" Giles asked.

"I've already started," Dad told him.

"You have?" asked Giles.

"Yes, I have. One to three million," said Dad.

"Those weren't the numbers I was thinking of," said Giles.

"I know they weren't because you're just looking at one piece of it."

"Well I've been to your website so I understand you've got a lot you want to do. But the Foundation is not going to move that much money on an unknown," Giles stated.

Giles told my Dad that The Foundation couldn't do it and we would have to work under the umbrella of another foundation. Dad wasn't sure about working with an unknown foundation. He was wary.

We were considered an unknown, because we were unproven. Almost like a racehorse that had never run in a race before. Despite the fact we'd been working on the project for over a decade. The only difference was, we had never been paid for it. Although Dad did some pieces of it through the Government and was paid. But where the interviews went, and who had access to them, was another discussion. The interviews were in raw form. They hadn't been put into products for the market.

Giles didn't think The Foundation or anyone with major money, was going to support and fund an unknown with big money. It was almost comical. We had to prove ourselves like we were newbies showing up for our first day of work.

We had probably invested several hundred thousand dollars' worth of our time and expenses into it already, if not more. We'd been working on it, putting resources [time, money, equipment, etc.] in, and hadn't received a dime back. In fact, working on it, given all its patriotic meaning, was another reason we were losing our Farm.

We didn't pour our resources into the project because we expected a fleet of Lamborghini's. We did because we believed in it. I thought it's what you did when you had a Dream.

"An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied."

Arnold H. Glasow

American Author


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