Xana Returns

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         A group of 6 students began walking down the halls of Carvel Boarding School talking. "I'm telling you it was like the best show ever. It was futuristic and just amazing." One of the boys says in awe. "I'm sure it was Josh, but it was almost 10 years ago. I used to watch it too, but it's over." One of the girls says. "That doesn't matter Kathy all that matters is that the rumors that that T.V. show is real." Josh says back as they all enter the lunch room. "Josh Code Lyoko is just that, a T.V., it's not real no matter how hard you wish upon a star." One of the other boys says. "Shut up Bay. I've been memorizing the codes for a long time and every professor I've checked them with says that they are real therefore all the equipment that those computer codes were for are real." Josh says to him as he gets his lunch through the line.

"I'm gonna have to agree with Josh on this one I think that some of these T.V. shows and stuff is or was real at one point." Another boy says in agreeance. "Caz that doesn't even make any since though. Kids at a high school going into a virtual world to save the real world. And the only reason they didn't just shut the game down was because of a girl stuck in the world. That sounds really farfetched to me." Another girl says. "To you, Zeya, yes, but to me it's just kinda cool I mean have you ever thought how cool it would be to have those kinds of powers." Caz says back. "Yeah having the power of telekinesis like Yumi would be kinda cool." One of the other girls says. "Chi not you too!!" Kathy says to her in shock.

They all go out to the court yard by the art room by the school to enjoy lunch as they continue to argue about Code Lyoko. "AND I'M TELLING YOU GUYS THAT ALL THIS "SHIT" IS REAL!!! GOD IT'S LIKE TALKING TO A BUNCH OF FUCKING 5 YEAR OLDS!!!!!" Josh yells out of anger. He attempts to storm off but falls underground from an open man whole cover. "JOSH ARE YOU OK?" Bay shouts down to him. "YEAH I'M FINE." He shouts back up. "HANG ON WE'LL GO GET SOMEONE TO HELP." Zeya shouts down. "WAIT I SEE SOMETHING I'M GOING TO GO CHECK IT OUT." He shouts back and walks out of our view. "You guys think we should go down and get him." Kathy says and everyone looks at her knowing the answer. "Fine but how are we going to get down there." She says pointing to the hole. Everyone starts to look around until Chi notices something. "Hey what about that?" she says pointing over to a large hose. "That could work." Caz says as they take the hose and lower it into the hole. One by one they climb down and start walking in the same direction as Josh.

"Oh there you guys are you gotta come check this out." He says sticking his head out from a room. Everyone walked into the room to see a giant hard drive like system with a strange symbol. "T-That can't be it can it?" Kathy stammers and points to the symbol. "It is. Xana." Zeya says in complete shock. "I told you it was real but you never listened." Josh says taking joy in the others disbelief. "What do you think we should do?" Caz asks staring at it. "Start it up of course I want to be virtualized." Chi says smiling. "Hell no! Since it is real we all know exactly what is in that world I say we leave it alone and never mess with it again!" Bay says with great skepticism. "Ok well put it to a vote. Who votes to leave the machine alone?" Kathy says as she and Bay raise their hands. "Ok who votes to turn it on and ride this rollercoaster?" she asks again and Caz, Josh, Chi, and Zeya raise their hands. "I guess that settles it we turn in on and take it for a spin." Josh says taking a strong grip on the handle and pulling the lever.

It starts up in whir with lights and noises signaling that it had been turned on. "You guys know what to do I think the scanners are one room down like in the show. If my memory serves you can take that ladder to get there I'll be in the control room not too far from here. I'll see you guys when you get back." Josh says as he leaves them to enter the computer room. The dusts off the keyboard and starts typing in some codes he remembered in order to start up the scanners. The other five went down into the scanner room and looked around in awe. "Well ladies first." Caz says as the girls get into the three scanners and the doors close behind them. "You ready guys. Scanner Kathy! Scanner Chi! Scanner Zeya! Transfer Kathy! Transfer Chi! Transfer Zeya! Virtualization!" Josh says from the computer room as the three girls are transported from the scanners into Lyoko. Kathy is the first to get there as her body materialized she had blue cat ears a blue cat outfit including tail, along with a small purse on her side. Next was Chi she materialized as a warrior with a red outfit with flames going across her sides and two silver S's on her back. Zeya materialized as a ninja dressed in orange with a katana on her side. "We made it here ok Josh. This is kinda cool." Kathy says to Josh. "Alright here come the boys." Josh replies.

"Ready Bay." Caz says to him. "As I'll ever be." Bay says as we step into the scanner. "Transfer Caz! Transfer Bay! Scanner Caz! Scanner Bay! Virtualization!!" Josh says from the control room as Caz and Bay are sent to Lyoko. Caz materializes first wearing a black and purple jumpsuit and a dual ended spear on his back. Bay materialized dressed in white robes with a gray shirt and long matching pants and metallic boos and gloves with a metallic trim. "Were all here Josh this is awesome dude." Caz says looking at everyone. "Well it's not going to be awesome for long you've got five monsters coming for you watch out." Josh says as the 5 see five block like monsters com towards them with the same symbol they saw before. They all readied themselves as the blocks started to attack Kathy reaches into her purse and pulls out some knives. She hurls them at one of the blocks and it hits them directly in the circle and it explodes into data. Chi grabs one of her two s-blades and throws it at another block as it spins it catches on fire and cuts through the block turning it to nothing. One of the blocks shoots a blue beam of ice at Chi it hits her and she freezes on impact and then dematerializes. "Chi!!" Zymir shouts grabbing her katana and running up to the block and hitting it in the center of the symbol making it become data. Another block does the same thing to Kathy. "Kathy!!" Bay shouts out of anger as he runs up to the block and hits it with a barrage of punches destroying the block. Caz charges at the last block and cuts it in half with his spear it disintegrates instantly. "Josh are Chi, and Kathy ok?" Caz asks in concern. "Yeah they're fine. They're here with me. Apparently if you lose all your life points you get sent back to the scanner room. Since the test was a complete success I'll start up the devirtualization process. Hang on." Josh says typing in the codes. The remaining three reappear in the scanner room with everyone waiting on them.

They all leave the area to go back up to the school. "You guys know we can never tell anyone about this right?" Kathy says and everyone agrees. "Oh I almost forgot before we left I tried to shut down the system but it wouldn't. Looks like we're in this till it's over." Josh says as they all climb back up the hose and run to class just as the end of bell rang for the beginning of class.


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