Part 1

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*Kendall's POV*

I wake up to my alarm buzzing on my side table.
I check the time, and quickly sit up. Crap.
First day of school and I'm already late. Is that just fucking great. I run to my closet, pick out a white Rolling Stones t-shirt and pair it was black jeans, ripped from the knees.
I rush downstairs, grab my car keys and make my way to the door.
"Have breakfast Kendall." I hear my mom shouting.
"I'm getting really late. Love you. Bye."

I see Kylie's car isn't parked. She's already left. Bitch could've woken me up. 10 mins later, I park my car outside and run to my Math class.
I knock on the door and Mr. Turner motions me to come in.
"Ahh, Miss. Jenner, and why are you late? Did you have something better to do then attend a boring math class?" He says sarcastically.
I nod no and he rolls his eyes and then says, "stop wasting my time and take you're seat."
He never liked me anyway.
I sit down on a seat near the window, open my notebook, and start to doodle.
A while later, I notice a girl sitting on a seat parallel to me. Her face isn't visible as it is tucked into her arms.
Suddenly I hear, "Miss. Jenner, tell me the answer to this equation." He points towards the whiteboard and I look at him, confused.
"69" I hear a voice behind me. I turn back to see the sleeping girl, smiling at me. And to be very honest, she is most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She has these gorgeous green eyes and the most perfect eyebrows I have ever seen. She smirks, and the dimples beneath her lips are clearly visible. She looks familiar. But I can't place a finger on where I've seen her.
"Thank you Miss. Jenner, I hear Mr. Turner say looking at the girl."

Class ends 30 minutes later, and I'm the last one out. As I make my way to my locker, I see the girl again. I decide to go up to her and introduce myself. So after gathering my courage, I finally go up to her and say, "hi."
That's all I can get out.
She looks at me a second later and says, "hey."
She looks completely unbothered by my existence, which is odd considering the fact that I'm famous.
"I've seen you somewhere haven't I? I think I have. You look familiar to me."
She smirks at me and says, "well love, I've never met you." She has a thick British accent. And that's when it clicks.
She's that Victoria Secret model.
"Wait. You're a model right?" I say trying to control my excitement.
She looks at me funnily and says, "hahah I have a name. And it's Cara. What's yours?"
I look at her, a bit shocked. She doesn't know me?
"You really don't know who I am?" I say.
"I do. But this is normally how people get to know each other right."
"Hahah I'm Kendall. Kendall Jenner."
She shakes my hand and then says, "Crap, I'm getting late for English. Catch you later?"
"yeah," I say.
She leaves and I make my way to the physics lab. On the way I run into my ex-friends.
And I'm sure ex-friends is not a word, but that's the only way I can describe them.
Their names were Lauren and Marley. Basically, last year, we were pretty close. Then I realised they didn't like me. They liked my fame. That's what's hard about my life. You never know whose taking advantage of you and who genuinely cares.
They look at me funnily, roll their eyes and pass me by. Which is fine. I don't want drama.

As I walk, I hear a deep voice say, Kendalllll wait up!"
I turn around to see Bryant. He was captain of the football team, fairly good looking and would've been the most popular guy in school, if me and Kylie hadn't been here. Overall, he's a nice guy though and a good friend of mine.
I say "hey" as he pulls me in for a hug.
"So I'm having a party tonight at the beach house. You know, to get to know all the new kids better. Seniors only. You should come."
"You just wanna meet hot girls don't you."
"Well yeah, I'm gonna make sure they feel fully welcome to our school," he says winking at me.
I roll my eyes and laugh at him.
He leaves for his class and I make my way to mine.

A couple of hours later, it's lunch time. I walk into a full cafeteria. So I grab my lunch and go outside. The benches outside are normally empty.
But this time, I get lucky. Cara is sitting on them, alone.
I walk up to her and she smiles.
"What are you doing here. Are you suppose to be popular or something?" She says as I sit opposite her.
"Well, no. I'd rather be invisible to be honest."
"Don't need any drama this year."
"Well, you won't get any drama with me. Hopefully..." She says after a long pause.
"Haha, do you have any plans tonight?"
"Nope, why?"
"I'm going to this party tonight. Come with me please. I promise I won't bore you."
"Hahaha, I'm sure you won't. But I don't know if that's a good idea Kendall."
"Oh come on please. Please?"
"Alright. I'll pick you up at 8." She says with a smile.

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