Part 83 - Hide and seek

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"He's gotten so big now" Aaron went up behind me startling me a little, I stared at my son and wondered where the time had gone ""I know... time just seems to be passing us by each day" I paused, looked up until my eyes met Aaron's.  "Any news?" Aaron's eyes drooped from cheerful to utter disappointment... I already know the answer... He shook his head and hung it low "I'm sorry Jess we just can't find him, Rick or the rest of the group... but hey... Eric is still out there he might find something" Aaron replied. Eric was Aaron's partner and from what I could see they were madly in love, when Aaron and I became closer he introduced me to him. Eric was a lovely, kind, warm guy, his mass of curly ginger hair formed perfectly on top of his head from what I could see, he was quite tall which complemented his body shape well.

I had heard the same response and received the same disappointment day in day out as Aaron came back from runs to find my family. I was running out of hope, and Damien was the only thing that could brighten up my day. His smile could melt butter, turn a thundery day in to instant sunshine. He was my baby. My one and only. My life. "I'm going to bed" I replied slowly before lazily sliding out of my sofa chair, taking Damien with me. I began trudging up the dark hard wood stairs of my house that Deanna had given me, Deanna was the sort of mayor I guess? She was in charge of Alexandria along side with her husband Reg, he was the architect for alexandria, he built the walls that surrounded us. Damien began to cooe as I rocked him to sleep for the night before I retired to my bedroom, I hoped that Rick would return to me, not even so much as for me but for our baby... He needed to see who his father was. Oh and Judith I though, he wouldn't even get to meet his half sister... I hope she was safe, I know Rick would give his life for her, for anyone in our group. I carefully tiptoed out of Damien's nursery, and slipped into my own bedroom before retiring to a nice long dreamless slumber.

My sleep was disrupted by a loud knock on my front door, which became increasing louder with each knock. I was jolted awake which then in turn made me gracefully nose dive into the floor, "Fuck! Ah my nose" I cursed, pinching the bridge of my nose whilst scrambling for my dressing gown. "I'll be down in a minute!" I yelped down the hall as I waked into Damien's room and scooped him up into my arms. A lingering smell entered my nostrils, I knew exactly what the smell was and who made it. "Ooh someone needs a change Damien!"

"Who is it!" With my voice raised I swung the door open to reveal Aaron. "Oh, Aaron" I smiled, his cheery presence always seemed to put a smile on my face, I had only known him for 4 months but he felt like he was becoming the brother I never had. Something was happening, he had a huge smile from ear to ear."What's up?" I questioned him. " Eric found him..." My mind went into overdrive... Aaron managed to squeeze into the house before I slammed the door. I placed Damien in his arms and sprinted as fast as I could to get changed. I slipped on a vest and my 3 quarter length jeans, hopping around not trying to trip over. I glanced into the wall length mirror and played about with my hair to make it look reasonably decent, I then went on to throw on a jacket and brush my teeth before running back downstairs to slip my shoes on. "I changed and dressed him" Aaron smiled as he held Damien up towards me, he was dressed up in a little pair of dungarees and converse booties. "Thanks Aaron you're a star... Is it really him?" I asked nervously, I felt sick. Was I really excited and nervous to see him again. Aaron nodded. I ripped the door open causing it to swing and make a dent in to the adjacent door... oops.

I knew exactly where they would be... Deanna's office. New comers always go through her before settling in. My brisk walk became a speed walk, to a jog until I got to Deanna's,  this was the moment. I walked up towards the door and over heard moment,  my heart was in my mouth as I went for the cold brass door knob. I twisted it. Pushed the door open... There was my man...

Sorry this is only a short one! Love you guys! Oxoxox

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