Chapter 12 + authors note.

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Abby' pov

I woke up in white room. 'Am I dead?' I asked my wolf, she didnt respond. My body felt sore and stiff, my eyes burned from the bright light.  "You're finally awake." I jumped and looked at a man.

          He had to be in his fifties, but what stood out the most is that he looked similar like me. I kept quiet, as the man pulled a chair beside me and handed me a cup of water.

         I looked at it like it had wolfsbane in it, then I eyed the man beside me.  "It's just water, go ahead drink." He chuckled,  I pressed the cup to my lips. The water washed all the dryness in my throat  makeing me feel a whole lot better, besides the pain I feel from my head.

             "Who are you?" My voice sounded scratchy, even though I drank a full cup of water.

       "I've been trying to see you, for a long time." He smiled, I am beyond confused about what this man is talking about.

          "I haven't seen you since you were fourteen, you've grown into a very pretty lady."

           'This man, sounds scary'. I told my wolf 'agreed ' She said lowly. Now, she decides to talk. 'That is because, I was catching up on my z's!'  she announced, I rolled my eyes mentally at her behavior.

             The man cleared his throat, "do you remember anything when you were fourteen or younger?" I thought for a moment, and then shook my head slowly.

           He frowned and leaned back in his chair, he looked like he was in deep thought. After a very silent five minutes, he stood up. "I'll be right back." He said walking threw the door and shutting it.

Sam's POV

We kept running threw the night trying to find any trace of her, its dawn now. The air is stuffy, the grass blades has morning dew on them. 'Were could she be?'  I asked myself. 'She alive, I feel her wolf'  my wolf whimpers lowly.

      He has been acting strange, he doesn't want to eat nor drink anything. He is too worried about Abby. I tried my best for the last couple, hours that she isn't my mate. It's not possible to have two mates, then why does my wolf have a bond with her.

           "Sam, come on. Start moving!" My brother growled at me, with his teeth showing. My legs started moving as I caught up, with Sebastian. "I have a question." I looked at him, as we talk through are mind-link. "What is it?" He said watching are best trackers.

      "Do you feel Abby's wolf? Maybe, you can-" I was cut off as he stopped, turning to me. "You can feel your mates wolf?" He said, confusion in his eyes. "Yeah, dad told us this since we were little. That when you find your mate, you can also feel her wolf as well plus when there far away." I replied, as he keeps a distant look on his face.

      Sebastian looked down for a minute, then started walking. "Come on, we need to go." I followed my brother, his been different since we left. He not like depressed as my wolf is and I, its like he confused about his life. 'Abby.'  My wolf whined, 'we'll find her ' I promised him.
  "STOP!" I yelled through are pack mind link. Everyone stopped, my wolf is jumping crazily in my mind. "Guys, I smell abby! She's near, we must hurry!" My wolf picked up, as we ran faster to her scent.

A large growl, made me go into a stop. I came face to face, with someone I thought I would never meet again.
He's eyes soften, as the rest of my pack shifted.

      I shifted as well and put on the shorts I had in my mouth. "You've grown into a lovely young man, sam." My eye's widen, this was him.

      I bowed my head in respect, "nice to meet you again, Abby's dad."

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