Chapter 7

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"She isn't Maria!" Gwen shouted as she tried pulling her daughter down.

In an instant her daughter was let go. Gwen caught her, tears streaming down her face, "You're okay Baby Bird. You're okay."

"What the Hell just happened?" Noah pushed himself up and joined his wife who was holding their daughter. "Is she okay?"

Harmony slowly opened her eyes, "Mommy?"

"Yes, Baby Bird. I'm here."

"Maria...Maria told me if I let the Cucuy find me, I'd get to play with her all the time," Harmony's voice was rough like sandpaper, causing new tears to fall down Gwen's cheeks.

"Harmony. Listen to Mommy very carefully, okay?"

She waited for her daughter to nod before continuing, "Maria isn't your friend. She's just pretending. I don't want you to play with her anymore. She's a bad girl. Do you understand Mommy?"

"Maria's bad?" Harmony asked.

"Very bad. I don't want you to play with her anymore. Never again."

"She gave me this dress."

"I don't care Harmony. Don't talk to her anymore," Gwen hugged her daughter and began sobbing.

"I don't believe it. This...this isn't happening," Noah muttered, his back against the wall.

"You saw it with your own eyes, Noah. You still want to call me a horror hypochondriac?"

Noah looked dazed as he stared at his wife and daughter. He still didn't understand what had just happened. He opened his mouth several times before actually speaking, "Call her."

Gwen raised an eyebrow, "Who?"

"That...that psy-psychic woman. Call her. Tell her to get here as soon as she can."


"You should have called me sooner," Sonya spared an annoyed look towards Noah before stopping mid-stride. She lifted her hands in the air and shuddered.

"What's wrong?" Gwen asked.

"His presence has become stronger. So has hers," Sonya whispered.

"Hers?" Noah asked.

"Maria," Gwen told Noah. "Sonya, today they tried hurting our daughter."

"He's anxious. He doesn't want me here," Sonya closed her eyes. "She's scared."

"Maria's scared? Is that why she tried hurting Harmony?"

"She said she's sorry. She wasn't trying to hurt your daughter," Sonya answered. "She's lonely. She thought your daughter could be her friend."

Noah walked over to his laptop and opened it up, checking on the feed from the security cameras.

"She needs to cross over to the other side. She needs to leave before she accidentally hurts your daughter again."

Gwen picked up Maria's pictures from the coffee table and handed them to Sonya, "These are her photographs. "

" need to cross over to the other side. You need to follow the light, honey," Sonya's voice was cajoling as she spoke to the space around her. She turned back to Gwen and whispered, "She's still scared. And worried. She's worried about your family if she leaves."

"She doesn't need to be," Gwen said loudly. "I won't let him hurt my family. I won't."

A nearby door that led to a storage closet slammed shut, causing the three of them to jump.

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