Chapter 12: cool.

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September 26th 2015


I'm sitting in my living room, clutching this piece of paper. I was given it in fourth period today, but I haven't had the courage to use it till now. I look down at the lit screen in my hands, re-read the words- here goes nothing. I press send.

A simple: Hey Noah :)

Moments later the ding of my phone resonates. I take a deep breath.

Noah: Who the hell is this?

Me: Sorry should have mentioned this before, its Damian.

Noah:  oh, it's you Silver. How d'ya get my number?

Me: I have my sources ;)

Noah: to elaborate?

Me: Nope

Noah: ok, so why you texting me?

Me: can't I just cos I want to?

Noah: I guess....

Me: you're gonna have to start trusting me- cos when I say I want to be friends I meant it

Noah: ok, I believe u

Me: cool

Noah: so...

Me: have you come up with any ideas yet for how you want to hang out?

Noah: Idk

Me: c'mon- whats your favourite thing to do?

Noah: idk, chill- watch some movies, get something to eat

Me: perfect! We'll go to the cinema! Then have a meal!

Noah: k, whats in the cinema atm?

Me: uhhh, idk.....

Noah: how bout we just go for a meal then?

Me: sure! And I remember im buying.

Noah: if you don't mind, I was kind of joking....

Me: of course I don't mind! Don't be ridiculous!

Noah: uh ok, then

Me: so how about I pick you up at six on Friday?

Noah: yeah, sure

Me: cool :)

Noah: cool.

Me: so wuu2?

Noah: homework

Me: oh

Noah: I have to go make dinner now. see you at school?

Me: oh, yeah bye- k c ya then :)

Well at least its official- we are going to hang out. Nothing more, but that's cool. I'm excited- such a strange feeling. Since the only thing I'm ever excited about since dad left.... Is basketball. Now, I have someone who makes me excited.

Maybe, that wasn't the best conversation- I'll admit. At least neither one of us ended up yelling at each other or apologising. So it's a start in the right direction. We may have a long way to go- but I know we'll get there. I don't know where we'll go- but I definitely want to find out. Just calm down Damien, "breathe a lot or breathe a little". I recite it over and over again till I feel my heart beat slow down to a regular pace once more.

I have to admit I like the name 'Silver' still.

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