Shino Aburame - First Kiss

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Thanks to ChaosSoda's kissing challenge on Quizilla, I manage to whip this up. The first one is dedicated to Shino. He's not my favorite, but he's an underappreciated character around here. So, here ya go. If you'd like to participate in her challenge, feel free to go to look her up on Quizlla. I'm going to add more ficlets/one shots onto this one.  So be sure to check back for more!  Happy reading! ^^

                                                                    1. First Kiss

“Hey [y/n], I think there’s a spider on your shirt.”


 Kiba fell onto the grass and clutched onto his stomach in a fit of laughter as [y/n] frantically and fearfully checked her shirt for any sight of the spider he so thoughtfully pointed out.

“Man, you’re so gullible [y/n], you crack me up!” Kiba said in the midst of his laughter.

[y/n]’s face turned a deep shade of red before she shot him a glare. “K-Kiba, don’t do that!”

Kiba sat up from his spot on the grass once he stopped laughing. “Sorry [y/n], but can you blame me?”

“Y-Yes, that wasn’t funny! You know how much spiders freak me out!” [y/n] pouted and folded her arms across her chest.

“Aw c’mon, I was just messin’ around.  Besides if you’re gonna be dating Shino, you might as well get used to the idea of seeing bugs around.”

Kiba did have a point, although [y/n] did suffer from a case of arachnophobia, she was going to have to at least try overcoming her fear of the arachnid.  And other various creepy crawlies that made her skin crawl.

“Y-Yeah, I guess so…”

“H-Hey, you’re not gonna start crying on me are ya? If Shino—“


And speak of the devil.

“Ehehe…  hey Shino.”  Kiba awkwardly greeted.

“Must you insist on teasing [y/n]?” Shino sighed in aggravation.

Kiba rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. “What can I say, I couldn’t resist?”

“You’re okay though right?” Shino turned to [y/n], who was hugging her legs close to her chest and resting her chin on top of them.  Akamaru approached her and gently licked her cheek to comfort her.

“Yeah, I’m good.”  She smiled and gently scratched Akamaru behind the ears.

“Good,” Shino shot Kiba a dark look through his black sunglasses, waiting for Kiba to say respond.

Kiba held back the urge to roll his eyes before he turned to face [y/n]. “Sorry about that [y/n], I won’t do it—“

Kiba froze when he noticed a spider crawling onto [y/n]’s pant leg. “Uh… [y/n], there’s a spider crawling on you.”

“Nice try Kiba, I’m not gonna fall for it twice.”

“No, I’m serious this time! There really is one crawling on ya!”

“Kiba, you’ve heard of the story The Boy Who Cried Wolf, right? I don’t think you should—OMIGOD THAT’S THE BIGGEST SPIDER I'VE EVER SEEN!” [y/n] shrieked before she jumped to her feet to try and brush off the spider.

Unfortunately by the time she had noticed, the spider had begun to crawl up her shoulder and towards her neck. Shino sighed before he approached  (y/n) to help remove the spider off her body.