Chapter 23

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After carefully observing Joey (although if you ask her she'd tell you I was acting stalker-ish around her) while we dined at the Space Needle (oh yeah, there's a restaurant there), I was dropped off at my place at around 4 in the afternoon, feeling tired and wanting to sleep for a hundred years. Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

Just as I let myself fall on the bed, Josh decides to text me. I groan in agony as I pick up my phone to read it.

Yo, a couple of us are going out to this monster bash tomorrow night. You interested?

I don't bother sitting up to respond; instead I roll onto my back.

Why's there a monster bash tomorrow?

I flop the phone onto my stomach and wait for Josh's answer. I close my eyes and think about the dream I had as Miya, something I've been thinking about lately. Would it be possible? I ask myself.

Josh's next text doesn't let me decide.

Where have you been in the past month? Tomorrow's Halloween.

Scrunching my eyebrows, I do the mental math in my head. I then realize I have a calendar on my phone, so I ditch the math and look at it straight up. Yep, today's the 30th. Damn, where did the time go?

You in or what? Josh asks me impatiently. Andy needs to know if he should pick you up.

Yeah, I'm in. I don't even think it over thoroughly when I send it.


"Matthew?" Kelly asks. She walks into the living room, where I'm laid across the couch reading a book on my phone. She stands in front of me and doesn't speak again until I look up at her.

"Which one of these would match my outfit?" My sister shoves 2 pairs of wings in my face. One is shimmery and transparent, while the other is covered in white feathers with some black at the edge of each one.

"Depends," I say. "What are you dressing up as?"

"A faerie. Now, which one?"

Holding up a finger, I ask, "What kind, a Tinker Bell or one of the more originals?"

By now my sister's scowling. "Tinker Bell is more original," she claims. She puts her fists, while still holding onto the wings, on her hips.

"Fine. My mistake. Are you going for a cartoon faerie or the one who was descended from an angel and demon?"

"Holy fuck, just choose!" Kelly's irritated. "It's not that hard!" I grunt, pointing at the feathered pair. "Thank you!" She drops the shimmery wings on the coffee table and puts the other on. When she's sure it fits her, my sister plops herself on the couch. I get my legs out in time to avoid her crushing me.

"Where are you going tomorrow?" I ask. "I know for a fact you don't wear wings around the house."

Kelly leans back. "Tomorrow's a spirit day at my school, and then tomorrow night my friends and I are planning to go either trick-or-treating or just crashing someone's party."

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