Chapter twenty Nine

"Love. Andrea will fetch me later." Lance looked at me with a why on his face. nasa bahay na kami

"shopping i guess." i flashed a sweet smile. he snorted.

"shopping with your sprain?" he raised his eyebrow and crossed his arms infront of me. i pouted and hugged him.

"pleease. di naman na masakit eh. besides. pagaling naman na to eh. i can walk normally now." i gave him my puppy stare with matching paawa face. this always works.

he sighed and kissed my forehead.

"imbes magpahinga eh." he's having second thoughts now about letting me go. i smiled and hugged him in his neck.

"Love, i'll be fine okay." he sighed and hugged my waist before burying his face in my neck.

"Allright." he sighed and touched my cheeks tenderly. i held his hand and smiled at him. "wag kang masyadong magpagod ha Love?"

"Yes Boss." i jokingly salute at him before kissing his cheeks.

"I love you." i whispered softly. nginitian nya ko saka binuhat ako sa bewang.

"Forever and Ever Love."


"Bring this to the car. call you when i need you." Andrea dismissed her driver.

"What do you want?" she asked me. nasa starbucks kami. kanina pa kami nag iikot eh. ang dami na rin naming nabili.

"Strawberries and cream and sanzrival." she smiled a little and went to the counter to order our fraps.

i was browsing my instagram when somebody covered my eyes.

"Guess who?" i removed his hand and looked at him.

"Andreew!" niyakap ko sya bigla.

si Andrew Madrid. my constant companion slash suitor in NY. the reason why lolo dragged me home?

"what are you doing here?" i said happily. he smiled and kissed my cheek.

"a very important matter to fix." he said while looking at me. napangiti nalang ako.

"Ahh. who's with you?" i asked.

"none. but i'm staying at a friend's place." i just nodded. saktong dumating naman si Andrea. with a who on her face.

"Andrea this is Andrew. a friend from NY. Andrew this is Andrea-"

"Andi." she cutted me. tinignan nya si Andrew. "Call me Andi. Ven's friend. nice meeting you." she offered a handshake which Andrew gladly accepted.

"pleasure is all mine." Andrew flashed a crooked smile and looked at me. "So, do you mind if i join you? and take you out to dinner later?"

"Naah. fine with me. Andrea?" i asked her. she smiled and nodded.

umorder din ng Coffee nya si Andrew and we catched up with each other. si Andrea naman nakikinig lang at minsan nakikisalo sa usapan.

Andrea excused herself to receive a call from her Dad. pagbalik nya inis na yung nasa mukha nya.

"i have to go Girl. Got a call from the Palace. they need their princess." she rolled her eyes. natawa nalang ako. "bye girl. i'll drop your shopping bags in your house. bye Andrew. again it was nice meeting you." andrea gave us a peck on the cheek before leaving.

"so? where do you wanna go next?" Andrew asked me. "its too early to take you out for dinner."

"Dito nalang." he smiled at me.

"Okay. so.. you and your husband together again?" he asked.

"Yeah. we decided to give this another shot. and its going well." i smiled softly. naaalala ko nanaman si Lance. namimiss ko tuloy.

"ah. i see." he smiled at me. "so youre dumping me?" he asked. napatingin ako sa kanya.

"Dumping you? i thought i made it clear. you are my friend. i said that from the very beginning. thats all i can offer to you." i said softly. ngumiti naman sya.

"Naah. i'm just kidding." he checked his watch and looked at me. "so. shall i take you to dinner now Ms.Supermodel?" i chuckled with the ms.supermodel part.

"Sure Mr.Businessman." i replied which made him chuckled too. he offered his hand which i gladly accepted.

"Where do you want to eat?" he asked me. nasa kotse na kami.

"anywhere. what do you want for dinner?" i asked.

"Sa Antipolo nalang tayo." he replied. my jaw dropped.

"whattheheck! you can speak tagalog!" i said in suprise and shock.

"of course. hindi mo alam? well. you never asked." he said smilling. ugh! nakakainis.

"pinagtritripan mo ko." i said and pouted. he chuckled and touched my cheeks.

"hindi kaya." he smiled and glance at my direction. "Antipolo nalang ha?" he asked.

"Antipolo it is."


Lance's POV

"c'mon Lance. dont i deserve a dinner treat? since Venice went home. you've been neglecting me." Margarette said and pouted.

"My Wife is my priority Margarette. you know that." i said softly and return my attention to the paperworks.

"yeah. for 5 years. i became your constant companion. instant maid and a good friend. cant you grant me this one dinner treat? i've been the most patient friend you could ever asked for. dont i deserve this?" she said with a hurt in her voice. patay na. i sighed deeply.

"Alright." i said in resignation. her face lightened up.

"yes! thank you Lance." she kissed my cheeks. patay na. pano ko sasabihin kay Venice to?


Venice's POV

'Love, i going to have overtime. need to finish some paper works. i love you.'

napangiti nalang ako nung nabasa ko yung text ni Lance. i constructed a text too.

'Alright. dont work too hard okay? eat on time. i'm out for dinner with a friend. i miss you Love. i love you. kiss you when you got home'

i send my text and listened to the song in the radio. nasa daan pa rin kami papuntang antipolo.

♩youre a falling star. you're the get away car. you're the line in the sand when i go too far.♩♩

Everything by michael buble. one of my favorite song six years ago. maya maya pa sinabayan ko na yung kanta.

"And in this crazy Life. and to this crazy time. its you, its you. you make me sing. you're every line. you're every word. you're everything." andrew sang the chorus. napatingin tuloy ako sa kanya.

"you know this song?" i asked.

"are you kidding me? i praise Michael Buble to distraction." he said smilling. natawa nalang ako. saka nakisabay sa kanya. kumanta lang kami hanggang makarating kami sa Antipolo.

"Table for two?" the usher asked when we entered the Fancy restau with a overlooking view. Andrew nodded. "This way please." he led us to our table.

i let Andrew order for us. the waiter served us wine while waiting for our food. we we're chatting about michael buble when something caught my attention.

or rather Someone.

Lance just entered the restau

with Margarette's hand wrapped around his.

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