When u see my friends

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Me and Derek instantly clicked once we got moving in the car and started talking about anything and everything.
"Hey Drew, what bands and stuff do you listen to?" He said with his eyebrow raised.
"Can you call me Andy instead? And I listen to u, sleeping with sirens, every avenue, breaking Benjamin, Demi lovato... And a lot lot more, but there's a reason." I told him.
"Got it. You're little Andy from now on. What are the reasons you listen to those in particular? If it's too personal, I'm ok if you don't share it quite yet. We're in no rush, kiddo." He says politely.
"Well, you did adopt me Derek, you atleast deserve something. My story is pretty short: I've been beaten up all my life, by my parents, at school, and everywhere else, I cut myself, I have a disability called spina bifida, rods in my back, and more. Almost killed myself and when I was going to "you be the anchor" was on and I couldn't go threw with it. Pulled an all nighter and found and fell in love with your music, Derek." I said.
Derek shed a tear. "When we get home we need to have a long talk, and show me your cuts." He said shakily.
"Yes, sir" I nod my head
"Andy, I'm your dad now..." Derek said timidly
I feel myself she's a happy tear. "I've never had a dad before, but I like where this is going."
"Well you do now, and a few uncles, my bandmates, you probably know them. By the way, here's an AUX to jam."
(In a short time we make it to the house, listening to monsters in the closet and a lesson in romantics. Once we arrived a bunch of cars are parked in the driveway)
"I guess the band knows." He laughs as he pulls out his keys.
"Is it ok to get in or do I need to help you?" Derek looks down at me caringly but I wave him off
"No need. I got this and rolled into the house with no problem.
We go into the house a bit and were face to face with Jake Bundrick.
"Derek, where did u go for 2 hours, my man? We all know you of all people never miss a party." Jake says with root beer in hand smiling
"I adopted a child, Jake. Meet the newest Sanders, Andy." Derek says.
He smiles wider and comes over to me and sticks out his fist "fistbump? I guess I'm cool uncle Jake. We're gonna have a lot of fun messing with this guy" Jake points to dad sarcastically and Dad smacks his head.
"The others don't know yet." Derek smiles. You want to do the honors or should I?" They both smirk at eachother.
"Boys, we have an announcement!!!" They yell up the stairs.
Brooks and cabbage and alex come running in.
"Yeah boss?" They say.
"You needed us?" Brooks asks nicely
"I have adopted a son of my own and he's a huge fan of our band actually, Andy, say hi to the rest of Mayday Parade"
"Hi guys, I'm Andy." I say kinda shy and wave.
"Bro, don't be shy, your in the family now! I'm Brooks, rhythm guitar." Brooks says proudly and comes up and hugs me.
"You already know me, but Jake, backup vocals, and drums." Jake smiled.
"I'm Alex, I play guitar, along with brooks." His hand still holding the pick in his hand and waving a bit
"I'm cabbage, I play base. Very nice to meet you little dude" he hi fives me.
I hug the rest of the guys and I can't hold it in anymore,
"YAAAAYYY" I exclaim out of nowhere.
The guys look at eachother dumbfounded and start laughing.
"What the hell was that" They ask trying to contain their laughter.
"I'm family with mayday parade! This is like the best day ever!" I say enthusiastically.
They all laugh
"You guys got root beer andvideo games?" I ask. I'm crazy about those two things.
"Do we? Check this out" Dad says dad says with a smirk, wheeling me to a door.
He opens the spare bedroom, and it's contents were like a gaming paradise.
"Woah... haven't seen a place this cool in forever" trying to take everything in as quick as possible
"No rush" Alex smiled "this is home now" I squealed and hugged Alex again then turned to Dad.
"Another thing, can I sing with you guys sometime?"
"Why not now? What's your favorite song? I may have a good idea of it" Dad asks me.
"What is it?" Jake asks excitedly.
I smirk
"Kind of a throwback... You be the anchor" I say.
"Dude, that's mine too" Brooks says.
(We start playing)
And honestly I have been begging for answers
That u and only u could give to me
My voice crying loud, been crying for days now.
And as I stop to run I stop to breathe.
(I was nearly scared to death)
I was nearly scared to death
(Of what u left in paragraphs)
... The song plays thru.
Derek looked taken back after we got done "Dang son, your really good. Any others? We go on tour in a few days, we can do whatever song u want for a while."
"Eye of the tiger?"
They looked at me like they just won the lottery
"Yes. Yes. Yes. Did I already say yes?" Jake spoke enthusiastically.
Awesome! I get to play with dad and his band, I need to hang with the band more though to get to know each one of them individually. This should be fun trip on the roller coaster I call a life.

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