Chapter 11: All's Fair in Love and War

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September 26th 2015

That all went surprisingly well. If I went back in time and told myself, a month ago, that I would be going on a semi-date thing, with a guy and that I was over the moon at just the prospect of this, I would laugh in my own face. But I guess that is the case now.

I'm terrified and excited and everything in between at the moment. I awkwardly skip to homeroom, which is so strange at my height- but I couldn't care less.
"You going to tell me what's got you all chirpy this morning?" Lexi's scratchy voice spurs.
"Nope," is all I respond with, then I take my regular seat between her and Jaxon. Him and Chad, tend to bunk most days, but now that basketball season is starting up- they will be attending every lesson -as the good little boys they are.
"Cmon man-is it a girl?" Chad jeers out of me from Jaxon's other side.
"Nope," this causes Chad to look bewildered. Girls are everything to him.
"Is it basketball?" Chad offers.
"Let me guess,"Lexi's slurs. "It's the one and only, cue the drum roll please, Noah!" She practically laughs.
The smile slides off my face. "How did you know?" I demand.
"Oh, please. Since he's come here- you've been all puppy dog eyes for him. If I didn't know better, I'd say you have a crush. But oh, no this goes deeper than that!" She just laugh some more and I turn to see the completely confused faces of Jaxon and Chad.
"Who the hell is Noah?" Chad demands.
"He doesn't matter" I say shrugging -confused on how transparent I have been. Is it really that obvious what he means to me?
"Oh, but he does!" Lexi cheers. God I forgot how much that girl loves to be in the know. "He's Damian's everything!"
"That's not true!" I moan. I know Lexi's only teasing, but if the rest of the boys get a whiff of this they'll never stop.
"So what's going on between you and this Noah?" Chad growls.
"Calm yourself, Noah and Kate are a thing." Lexi finally defends me instead of throwing me under.
"I thought there was no official evidence?" I ask bitterly
"Well, I know they're sleeping together. Noah spent the night at Kate's on Saturday when her parents were out. Do you think they just pretended to got at each other at her house-or not?" She would know who Kate had over, did I forget to mention they live opposite each other? Yup. If Noah was there and Kate's parents weren't: Lexi would know.
"They must have gone hard all night, cause I watched Noah leave her house at like two in the afternoon."
Oh, wow I just revealed I am a virgin to a guy who's been here three weeks and has already cracked the hardest nut in this school. He must think I'm the biggest dork- oh God.
"Wow, Kate huh? Good for Noah." Was the first and last thing Jaxon commented on in this conversation.

After my weird exchange with Damian I feel strangely light and I can't help but smile. I'm glad everything's been sorted out with Silver, whether I want to or not- I like him. As only a friend! Don't go getting any funny ideas!

Now, I head into homeroom. Only to see a one depressed Kate. She lost her light. So I made her a little present to hopefully lift her mood.
"Hey Kate, how are you?"I say sweetly as I slide into the seat next to her. She just glares at me in response.
"I'm going to take that as: 'I'm doing great Noah thanks for asking, how are you?' Well I'm doing well too, I have a surprise for you. 'For me- oh you shouldn't have'" each time I imitated 'Kate's ' voice my tone went high, like obnoxiously high. This just made Kate furrow her brow further; but she had to admit she was intrigued by my present.

I pull out an envelope. "I haven't been totally honest with you Kate Casas. I have a secret- something I do when I'm sad, happy, mad or even just content. This is it- one I did for you." I slide the envelope across the table to Kate. For a moment she just stares at it but then curiosity gets the better of her and actually opens it.
"A poem?" she asks.
"Not just any poem- a sonnet" I correct.
"You wrote this" she questions.
"Yes I did." I state proudly.
With that she bursts out laughing, "You write poetry. Oh my God! I thought you couldn't be any more of a nerd. But here you go blowing the extremes to the next level." I'm first offended by this then, can't help but smile at the fact Kate's not sulking for the first time since Saturday- even if it is at my expense.
"Fine then, if you don't appreciate it. Let me have it back then." I say dragging the poem and envelop across the table towards me.
"No, I want to read it!" She screams and then snatches it back. She spends the next few minutes reading and re-reading the poem.

The lights have gone out
Broken and smashed
Scattered across the floor
Laying in a million pieces
Hoping for a small flicker
A spark of hope
To brighten this dark room
Reveal its beauty once more
Without the light it's useless
Everything seems dark and dreary
No longer a beacon
Of praise and beauty
But the electricity will flare
This room will be lit with an elegant glare

"I don't get it" she complains.
"It's simple really- someones hope and happiness has gone. This is represented by the light. It's been broken and shattered, so with it gone they are no longer their beautiful self. No one can see the beauty in the room, can they, without the light? No. So the room looks dark and dreary. Just like the person. But what the couplet at the end is saying that this won't last. The light will be back and the beauty will again be seen."
"So what does this have to do with me"
"Do you know what a sonnet is traditionally about?"
"Exactly! Just because it hurts now Kate- doesn't mean it will last. You will be happy again- you will be light again.  It is okay Kate- all will be okay". She just stares at the piece paper for a moment, not meeting my eye. But after, what felt like an eternity, she raised her head and stares at me.

"Thank you Mr. Hunt."
"It's been my pleasure Miss Casas."

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