My life? Miserable at best.

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Andy's POV: Hi. I'm Andrew but, please call me Andy, long story that i dont want to get into at this point in time. I'm 15, been in Orlando, Florida all my life, was born here or so they tell me. I'm a foster kid, but it's really bad here. I get moved around a lot cause of homes opening and closing and all that. Honest, I don't think anyone wants a wheelchaired foster kid. My favorite band is from around here, Mayday Parade. I hope someone adopts me.
I get interrupted by the foster dad, Paul.
"Andy!!! Get your worthless ass in here, I have people to impress!" He yells. Practically screams it in my ear as I wheel up.

(Time skip)

I went to my room cause I don't really like people, that much. Been abandoned my whole life so I found it's easier if I keep to myself so i don't get hurt. I was listening and singing along to miserable at best by mayday parade when i heard something outside the headphones, I turned off the music, but I still heard singing... The voice slowly drifts off and the mystery person goes over to the paperwork from foster dad to adopt someone.
"Andy, someone wants you you stupid shit!" He screams.
"I'm right next to you, asshat." I spit. The man laughs but his eyes give daggers to the man.
"This man wants to adopt you. Introduce yourself" he says to the man.
"I'm Derek Sanders, from a little band called Mayday Parade. Couldn't help but notice you were singing my song, miserable at best. Sounded great by the way" He smirked
"Your D-Derek Sanders. Oh fuck. This couldn't be better" I say out loud. "I'm getting adopted by Derek sanders... Holy shit." I whisper scream
Derek laughs at my childishness "come on, Andy. We need to get home in a bit. got a bit of a ways to go till we're there unfortunately. Bonding time till then" He says.
We then get all my stuff from my sorry excuse of a room and leave the hellhole I had previously called my house for 10 years or so.

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