CHAPTER 60 Three Drops, Twice a Day

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I didn't sleep well. I was awake before the sun greeted the earth. It had been another night of "weepy eye". I wanted to rip everything bad out of me. But I couldn't. So I just sucked it up and braced myself for another day.

We decided to shorten our affirmation. I was now saying mine every time I thought of it, which was a lot more than once an hour. I thought if I said it as much as I could, I would help us move through this horrible period of our lives faster. I thought if I said it, then I wouldn't be the one holding us back from our Dreams.

The new affirmation was:

"Today [state the current day of the week, month, day, year] we have attracted our unlimited abundant funding sources. They have committed to funding ALL our financial needs, passions and desires including the purchase and pay off of all four parcels of our Family Farm. All of this has happened today, [state the current day of the week, month, day, year]. Thus I have removed all fear, doubt, uncertainty, anger, anxiety and replaced them with love, faith, abundance, health, balance, inner peace, and joy."

Dad had brought up our computer server from their old temporary house, the Glass House. It made me nervous to have it down at the Glass House. The house was going to get very hot with the summer sun and no one would be there to monitor the server or open the windows. We were only allowed supervised access to the house, officially that is.

We hooked the server up to the router I had brought from the Cabin. But we couldn't get it to work with the server. We tried to hook the router to a switch box and then to the server, but still nothing. Dad needed access to the server in order to do his work, and so did I for writing on the book.

Dad called Alan, realtor's assistant for Parcel B, to see about scheduling a time for us to access the houses. We were shooting for 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. but Alan had an appointment in the afternoon so we agreed on 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. the next morning.

I was glad about getting back into the Cabin again. I needed a few books for writing, more clothes, and to do some laundry. Lucky for me the laundry room was in a small building to the side of the Cabin with a door you couldn't lock. So if I wanted to, I could do laundry in the middle of the night.

Dad called my Brother about the server later that day. They ended up having a good talk. My Brother helped Dad figure how to set up our server so Dad and I could both get on it and do our work.

Dad didn't tell my Brother what was really going on because Dad didn't want to burden him. Plus, my Brother couldn't help us dig out of the hole. All he could do was feel incredibly inadequate and that wasn't going to help anyone. It would do no good to tell him. So what would be the point.

Dad told Mom and I that he had sent my Brother an email explaining that we had a verbal agreement with the Bank and were now working on the written deal. To be honest, it was a slight fudge.

I understood why he did it though. Dad didn't want to put any stress on my Brother, who was already running a little high on the stress meter with what he had going on in his own life.

My Brother called my Dad and left a message that afternoon saying, "Congrats" on the deal with the Bank. Dad said he seemed really elated to hear the good news.

"Did you tell him where we were living?" I asked my Dad.

"No. And he didn't ask. I didn't think it was anything we needed to get into."

We did have a verbal with the Bank. But it was more of an unofficial verbal. We give them their money, and then maybe they allow us to buy our Farm back, kind of verbal.

I went upstairs to get ready for bed and found one of the cats by the windowsill and the other cat was laid out on my bed. Cats were fun, sometimes. But I didn't want cat hair everywhere, nor did I want their kitty dander upsetting my eye. It had about all it could take right now, thanks.

So I told the adorable kitties to beat it, nicely. Two-Kits, the younger kitty with a cheetah body type, got the message. She was the first to leave. Kit-Kat, the old crotchety kitty, just stayed laid out on the bed like she hadn't gotten the message. Or maybe she thought I was mistaken by asking her to leave. She wasn't used to getting told "no". But I wasn't going to give in to her kitty manipulations. So she got shoved off the bed and out of the room. She protested, but off she went.

I was up to three of The Drops, taken internally, twice a day. It was no small feat my friend. No small feat at all. I thought of The Drops as a turbo charged cleanser. They didn't mess around at all. Probably, one of the most powerful things I'd ever put into my body. Yeah, they did the job, but you had to be careful. They could make you very sick if you didn't add some restraint and caution with them. Following the directions was a must.

"Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open."

B.K.S. Iyengar

Indian Author, Founder of Iyengar Yoga


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