I don't know him...I hate him...and I have to get married to him?! 01-02

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Chapter 1

"Why can't you be more like Amalee and Brady, Savanna?" this was my parents favorite saying when it came to me.

When it came to my sister, Amalee, and brother ,Brady, they could do no wrong. When Amalee got kicked out of Harvard, she got a new porche and dad helped her get a modelling contract with 'Ford Models'. When I got kicked out of ballet class (thank god), I got grounded and wasn't allowed to go out except for school. When Brady got caught vandalising a rival school, he got told not to do it again and got to go to Cairo, Egypt for the summer. When I punched someone from my school, I got told that I wasn't allowed to go camping with Becka.

"Will you please be quiet? Some of us are trying to watch the movie." someone hissed at us

We had been talking, we hadn't thought we were disturbing anyone. Besides, it wasn't just us talking there were others too.


"We're free!" Becka squealed to me, as we raced out of the school doors and started to jump up and down inhaling the Santa Fe August air. We were as happy as a five year old on Halloween.

It was the last day of summer school for us. In a couple of days me and Rebecka would be off to New Hampshire.

Becka was my best friend. We had met in grade 9, when we were freshmen. We had met a really weird way. Some of the guys from the sophomore class had been pushing me around and Becka had come over and kicked their ass. She had asked me if I was ok and from then on we were friends.

Becka is going to Dartmouth college this year, and I'm going with her. But not to be in college. My parent, who hate me, said that it would be a waste of money to send me to college. So I'll be in New Hampshire, away from my family.

"This is going to be awesome. No curfew, or parents to tell us what to do." Becka said to me. "Were gunna have the time of our lives. We'll meet nice boys and have load of fun." She didn't like the guys I dated.

I nodded, and was about to say something when my phone rang.


Where in heaven's name are you? Screeched my mother.

I sighed. I'm at starbucks with Becka. Why?

I told you to come here straight home after your classes this morning. Don't you remember?!

No, oh I remembered alright...I just didn't do as she said. I forgot.

Well come home NOW! We have guests and you need to meet them.


She had hung up.

I sighed heavily. "I have to go, the mother from hell wants me to meet some guests."

"What?" Becka asked. "She never wants you home when she has guests over. She always wants them to think that they only have two kids."

"I know. I gotta go. Bye-bye Becka." I said as I walked out the door of starbucks, and hailed a taxi.

When I walked into the house I was greeted, well sorta, by my mother.

"Took you long enough young lady. Oh my and look what your wearing...well it will just have to do for today."

She led me into our sitting room and I noticed the rest of my family and three other people. Two of them I recognised as Marcus and Ginger Hampton. Everyone in the US knew who they were. They were in every magazine and newspaper. Marcus owned the biggest law firm in New York City and had them all over America, it was said on the Times website that there was a 8% chance of his clients losing a case.

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