Chapter 11

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Tobias P.O.V:

Verity's birthday party is over so I take Nita home. Tris and Uriah annoy me but Verity's my daughter; I can't not go to my daughter's birthday party! I'm going to see if I can spend days with her and Nita so she gets to know us and then find out that I'm her dad. I hope she likes Nita.

++Next Day++

Tris P.O.V:

I wake up to Uriah spread out on the bed, Verity fast asleep snuggled up next to us and Tiny on the floor asleep in his dog bed. I take Verity and Tiny into Verity's room and shut the door.

I pick up a large bucket and fill it with water and ice; I get a camera and start recording.

I say into the camera "This is Uriah's ALS ice bucket challenge... But he doesn't know it yet."

Uriah sleeps all the way through this. I slowly pour it over him and he wakes up screaming.

Randomly, he says "I nominate Tris, Christina, Will, Zeke, Shauna, Lynn and Marlene," filmed my face and turned the camera off.

I go to Verity and Tiny and wake them up. I take Tiny outside and put the TV on for Verity: Peppa Pig (as always). Tiny does his business, I pick it up and we go inside. I put out some dog food and pick up some clothes for Verity. After Uriah's finally done in the shower, I take Verity and give her a lukewarm bath.

I get her ready and go in the shower myself. We were all ready by 9:15 and we decided to go down to the cafeteria to get a small breakfast.

We sit at our usual table with Christina, Will, Shauna, Zeke, Lynn and Marlene.

Christina stands up and says she has something to say, she gets Will to stand up and says "soo... we're pregnant!" And then she sits down.

We all laugh and we get up to hug Christina and pat Will on the back. "How far?" I ask as Uriah yells "THEY DID THE DO!" We all laugh and Christina eventually replies full of laughter "3 weeks."

I pick up Verity and sit her on my lap. "Aunty Christina is going to have a baby," I say to her.

She gets up and walks over to Christina and touches her stomach.

She asks Christina "baby? Baby in there Aunty Cwistina?" Christina laughs, nods her head and says "Yep, baby in there Verity!"

We finish breakfast and Verity wants to go swimming. We partly taught her when we went away to Amity and she really enjoyed it. It's been a while since she last went swimming. I pack a swimming bag and we leave. The nearest swimming pool is on the other side of Dauntless.


Uriah goes into the males changing rooms and I take Verity in the females to get changed. We quickly get changed (or I change Verity) and meet Uriah out by the pool. We put our towels on the towel rack and jump in (not literally).

I check Verity's arm bands are secure and start letting her swim. I set her slowly in the water and she squeals at how cold the water is.
I move backwards slowly and try to get Verity to swim towards me. With a bit of struggle, Verity finally got to me.
I continued to move back and suddenly, I bumped into someone and turn around to see their face. Him.

Why off all people did it have to be him? He gives me a dirty look and swims back to his girlfriend, Nita, who gave a questioning look as she stared my way. I set my sights on Verity again and see Uriah throwing her in the air and catching her in the water.

She was giggling with happiness: that's why I love Uriah. I walk up to him and kiss him on the cheek; partly to make Four (I don't call him Tobias anymore) jealous but mostly because I want to. Uriah gets Verity a floaty ball so we can play and I get her some goggles, just in case, she goes underwater or wants to.

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