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Peace was the only thing that could describe the atmosphere as we soared through the sky, even the breeze was gentle. I turned to see Victoria's hair blowing round her face, the moonlight turning the caramel hair a dull gold. She had tried at first to keep it contained but soon relented when the hair seemed not to cooperate. Victor and Oliver were whispering and judging from the constant intensity of their gestures, I'm sure that conversation is not one I want to get in the middle of. Denise had busied herself with staring at Stan and quickly glancing away when he looked her way. David was, well, David; Quiet, grim and not interested in any other person. He chose to relegate himself to the back.

I was looking around at everyone and making observations when a red light suddenly came flying out of nowhere, it was only by sheer luck that it didn't hit me.

"Where the hell did that come from?", asked Stan but before anyone could react, another swung by his head, narrowly missing him.

"I think we're under attack", said Oliver.

"You're still thinking?", asked David as a red light headed straight for him but he dealt with it with just his bare hand.

We stopped the Pegasi and looked around but we couldn't spot our attackers. Suddenly, a big violent wind came heading for us but Victor was very quick in responding as he controlled it to himself and returned an even bigger wind in the same direction. A lot of screams erupted as the wind swept away our attackers.

"Trichloris' disciples", I realized, they must have been using an invisibility spell.

"You cowards, why don't you show yourselves?", shouted David and immediately, over ten of them on flying brooms came into view.

"They look pretty mad", said Denise and she wasn't wrong, they had murder written all over their faces.

"Well, we're about make them madder", replied Victoria and we all sprang into action.

Two came flying towards me and I sent one falling down with a well timed blue light blast and the other with a good kick in the face.

"Denise, remain in the middle of the circle we're going to create", instructed Victor and she complied, it was harder for them to get to her after that.

The fight went for a while before David suddenly shouted "Enough!" and immediately, giant screaming hordes of fiery demons, at least that's what they look like, came dashing out of him and slammed into everyone of the attacking wizards, burning all of them until there was not even a speck of ash left. None of us could say anything as we stared at David with an horrified expression on our faces- That was some deadly dark magic, I tell you.

"Dad, watch out!", shouted Stan all of a sudden and Oliver quickly moved out of the way as a rock came flying at him. We looked down and saw more of Trichloris' disciples coming out from under the trees and sending big rocks at us- Do those guys ever stop?

"Let me take care of them", said Oliver and he spurred his Pegasus downwards and straight towards them. I wanted to follow him but forced myself to stay, Oliver knows what he's doing and I have to trust him. He kept going downwards without breaking his speed. As the first wave of rocks were about to reach him, he let go of the reins and pointed at them. Immediately, all the rocks disappeared only to reappear as twice the size and number of the previous ones, raining down on the attackers below. He used a tree as a booster and raced back up again.

Unfortunately, those darn wizards were hellbent on not letting him go, especially after the havoc he just rained on them so, more of them came racing after him on their brooms and with flaming arrows.

"My turn", said Victor and I saw what looked like a mischievous smile creep up his mouth as he created an icy white light and sent it down on the incoming wizards. Immediately the light touched them, they froze solid and went crashing down like huge popsicles, causing even more problem for those below.

We were so engrossed in our easy victory over those amateur wizards that we didn't see another wave of attackers coming from above until they had sent us flying in every direction with an endless blast of cyclonic wind.

David got control of his Pegasus for a while and used that opportunity to send a thick black light at his attackers but it only took out a few before the remaining dealt expertly with them- This new guys are so not going to be easy to fight, believe me.

We all tried to steady ourselves long enough to return fire but they wouldn't allow that. It was like they were warwizards and then it hit me; They are warwizards. Trichloris must have known we were going to try something like this so he sent his amateur wizards first to keep us occupied till the professional warwizards arrived to finish us off- I'm so going to get back at that evil man for this, I swear.

"They're warwizards", I informed the others and I saw them increase their efforts even more but nothing seemed to work. Well, we just have to keep afloat till we can look for an opportunity to regain control.

Suddenly, a sharp wave of red light went flying at Denise but, fortunately, she managed to get out of the way in the last second. Unfortunately, she flew her Pegasus straight into the path of a ball of fire and she had to jump off the creature as it burst into flames.

"Somebody help!", she screamed as she plummeted helplessly towards the ground.

"Hang on!", I shouted as I spurred my Pegasus down after her. Hopefully, a tired Pegasus can still go faster than a falling girl. I was so concentrated on Denise that I didn't see the several purple lights coming at me. I was about to brace myself up for the pain when a giant blue light came out of nowhere and destroyed the lights. I looked up to see Stan who motioned for me to go on- Did my half-brother, who was deathly furious at me, just save my ass?

I spurred the now whining creature even faster and had almost reached her when something came out of nowhere and grabbed her, flying up past me so fast I didn't even catch a glimpse of it. I was about to go after it when big balls of fire suddenly went flying at the warwizards and for the first time, I heard them scream in fear.

"A dragon", I realized, a deep green dragon that just saved Denise and helped us. The warwizards tried to fight the massive beast but they were soon enough defeated as the others joined in.

After the battle and our almost demise, the dragon finally managed to land on the ground with Denise still clutched firmly in its hand.

"What the hell is that?", asked Denise, gasping heavily and still running towards us as we landed too.

"That's a dragon", I replied.

"I know what it is", she snapped, guess almost falling to your death and then being held in a giant beast's hand can really bring out the feisty you, "What I want to know is what just happened".

"You have your family's gift", replied Victor as he dismounted.

"I don't have magic", she countered.

"Being a Dragon lady isn't magic", he replied, "Besides, you are from the original magic line so it's not surprising that you have the talent in spite of your non-magical nature". I have to admit that even I gave Victor a weird look at this moment, what he just said made no sense. Oliver must have understood the look as he explained further.

Apparently, the men who were said to be the ones that first found the bestow were actually five and became the five original line of magic. Because the essence was most concentrated in them, they went on to develop extra abilities in addition to their original magic powers. As time went on, the original families began to die out and it remained only two, one of which is the Firewalts, Lords of the Dragons.

"Great story", Denise said after he had concluded, "But how the hell do I control a dragon without magic?"

"Just talk to it", he simply replied, "That's what every learning Dragon lord did". Denise looked kinda skeptical but agreed anyway.

"So, what now?", asked Stan.

"Simple", replied David, "Miss Firewalt here uses her dragon to help those at the manor and the remaining of us will go and show your friend Trichloris what it is to feel immense pain".

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