Chapter (20)

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"AND ANOTHER!" Serenity screamed while pushing another hot shot at me; throwing the burning liquid down my throat, I slammed the small shot glass back onto the bar. "No more."

Serenity laughed sweetly; "You're right, time to move onto bottle necks!" Rolling my eyes, Serenity's mission to try and get me 'wasted'; her word not mine, was failing. Because for one, our bodies burnt the alcohol quicker and two, it wasn't like I wasn't use to having a few drinks.

However what I wasn't use too; was the loud thumping music, little personal space and the grinding of lust and sweat- which consumed the night club. "You alright?" Connor yelled in my ear, while standing at my side with one hand on the small of back, the other gripping a Jack Daniel bottle neck.

Turning into him slightly, I just nodded my head; "Sis. Here!" Serenity handed me another drink; "This one is called a BOMB! It's a little bit of EVERYTHING!" She yelled at me, clearly over excited about this concoction the bartender had thrown together.

Smiling and taking it from her; I downed it quickly, it had a lemon flavour to it. At least it was pleasant. Handing her the empty glass; "That's enough for a while." Connor said slightly displeased.

"Keeping tabs on my drinks?" I arched an eye brow; Connor smirked down at me, shrugging his shoulders lightly. Shaking my head and smiling up at him.

 "Dancing then!" I let out a low groan as Serenity grabbed my hand and pulled me in the direction of the floor; which was full of lustful individuals. I felt Connor's hand leave my back, as I was pulled away.

Serenity brought us to a halt in the middle of floor; we were now officially in the middle of the action. People swayed up against my body; moving my body in sync with Serenity's as she raised her enlaced hands together in the air.

She continued to mouth the lyrics to me as we swayed our hips to the music; she kept mouthing the word Sweat a lot. So I assumed that was the name of this song; which was pumping through my ears and vibrating down my spine.

When a hand, which I knew wasn't Serenity's; as both her hands were in mine in the air, firmly planted on my hip; I glanced over my shoulder and saw an attractive human male attempting to dance with me.

I could feel the waves of lust leave his body, as he edged closer into my back; now placing both his hands on my hips. Serenity hadn't seemed to notice my extra dance partner, as she continued to fling her hair from side to side as she moved to the beat.

I felt the man's fingers edge closer in the direction of my groin, I didn't like were this was going. I didn't want to lead this guy on; because for one I couldn't have sex with him- not just because I was now committed or whatever Connor and I are; but also because he was a human and I was a virgin. A human just wouldn't have the strength to break through my 'wall'.

 Letting my eyes drift over the sea of people; I found the pair of eyes I had been searching for; locking with mine instantly. Letting out a small sigh, I mouthed 'HELP ME'.

Connor was leaning against the bar, his arms crossed and his fists clenched together tightly, as his haunting black eyes watched me. He didn't need to be prompted twice as he began to stroll towards me.

Letting my hands drop from Serenity's, I waved my hand in front of my face- trying to relay to her I was hot and had had enough. Connor approached with an air of confidence; as he glared at the male behind me.

The man must have realised Connor's sudden appearance; because his hands were no longer latched to my sides. I let out a breath of relief as Connor grabbed my hand in his and pulled us away from the dance floor, and in the direction of a deserted space within the club.

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