Chapter Twenty~ Two

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    "Why did you help me?" I asked slowly and looked up at him with curious eyes. He towered above me making me feel so small and insignificant. He truly was a giant, a brute...a beast.
"I don't know," he shrugged,"I wasn't thinking when I did it." He lowered his hand down to me in offering and I stared at it blankly not knowing what to do from now.
"You can take my hand and go back inside, or you can try jumping again. Your choice," he suggested as I continued to stare at his hand. I numbly placed my hand in his and let him help me up. The familiar scent of leather and cologne pleasantly took over my senses.
"You really are a crazy bitch," Dredd said as he led me back to the window .
"I get it from my dad."


    I sat on the bed with my legs crossed and my arms resting on my knees while my eyes were transfixed on the beast of a man standing just a few feet away. He may not realize it, but Dredd saved me. He saved me more than he could and probably would ever understand.
    My eyes watched unwavering as he yanked off the cap of a bottle and took a long swig then pulled a chair up beside the bed. He plopped down silently and took another swig bringing his eyes to meet mine. My breath caught in my throat, yet my eyes didn't move from his even though I wanted them to.
    He thrust out the bottle to me in offering breaking my eye contact from his when I stared down at the bottle of light brown liquid. I moved closer to the edge of the bed and uncrossed my legs in the process when I took the bottle from his hand. I cleaned the top of the bottle with the end of my shirt ridding it of any saliva he may have left behind then brought the cool bottle to my lips. Cool liquid hit my tongue and the back of my throat quickly replacing it with a warm feeling then liquid fire.
    I lowered the bottle from my lips and forced the rest of the liquid poison down my throat trying to silence a cough that wanted to escape my lips. The stuff was strong, but it was good. I handed him back the bottle noticing a barely there smirk at the corner of his mouth.
    I wiped the liquid that had spilled out of the corner of my mouth away with the back of my hand and watched as Dredd took another swig without wiping the tip of the bottle clean. I quirked up my eyebrow when he basically inhaled a good deal of the alcohol. Show off.
    "How many times have you tried to kill yourself?" Dredd asked casually while he handed me the bottle again. He was trying to get me drunk so I could spill everything, but I wasn't a lightweight and I sure as hell wasn't about to tell my life story to this giant gorilla. I kept my eyes on his and took a short swig not bothering to wipe it clean of his DNA this time before handing it back to him.
    "What's it to you?" I bit out. He did just save my life, but I wasn't about to tell him shit about me. His only reply was a shrug and then he took another long swig. A yawn escaped my lips when he handed me back the bottle and I took another sip. When I went to hand him the bottle again, his large fingers grazed against my small ones igniting them and sending shock waves throughout my body.
     Heat traveled throughout my body making me highly aware of how...tantalizing his fingers felt against mine--how good it felt for his rough skin to be touching my softer flesh. I was shockingly aware of how such a simple touch had my body growing uncomfortably heated and aware that he and I were alone in this room with a bottle of liquor. I quickly retracted my hand when his was fully around the bottle and brought it back to my lap when I felt a sudden aching coming from my core.
    "You shouldn't be so hard on him," Dredd said breaking the heavy silence with his deep, rumbling voice. My eyes shot up to meet his and they instantly narrowed.
    "The one person who cared about me is dead because of him," I spat out with venom and Dredd calmly took a swig from the bottle.
    "All I'm sayin' is that if my dad was still alive I'd want to fix things regardless of the past. Be grateful you still have your old man because once he's gone you're gonna regret pushin' him away," he spoke then handed me the bottle of liquor. I stared at it while my hand gripped the neck of the bottle and felt my body growing light feeling from the alcohol.
    "Would you forgive the man who killed your mother?" I asked solemnly without looking up at him then brought the bottle to my lips and took a long swig. I lowered the bottle and brought my eyes back to his feeling my heart rate speed up at how intense he was looking at me at that moment.
    "No," Dredd finally answered,"I'd rip out their f*cking heart. I think we both know that your old man didn't kill your mother though." Dredd took the bottle from my hand and drank a generous amount. "You've got a lot of mean and hate in you, kid, but don't let it consume you. You won't like what you'll become if you do." He handed me back the bottle and I took a swig then handed it back to him.
    "You sound like you've got a little experience with it," I said and saw something flash in his dark eyes.
    "Yeah," he said then took a swig,"somethin' like that."
✞ ✞ ✞

    They were getting started earlier with their loud rowdiness downstairs and I grumbled from being awakened by all the ruckus. My body drew closer into the warmth of the covers that were radiating heat. I let out a pleased sigh from the gratifying heat and fisted my hand into the material clasping it tightly and feeling the hard muscle undern--
    The hell? My eyes flew open to look at the tight black t-shirt that I had a death grip on. The t-shirt was straining to contain the beastly muscles that lay underneath and my eyes slowly trailed up the iron hard chest to find Dredd's dark eyes looking down at me with a blank expression on his face.
    "Oh mierda," I breathed out when the realization that I just woke up in bed with Dredd dawned on me. That hard fact hit me like a ton of bricks and I quickly scrambled up and off of where I had been lying on his chest. I silently cursed myself when I almost instantly began missing the warmth his hard body had provided and pushed that thought away to worry about the more important problem at hand. I was in bed...with Dredd.
    "What did--what happened last night?" I questioned Dredd who sat up and took a bottle of liquor from the bedside table taking his time by drinking a swig.
    "Relax. Nothing happened. You fell asleep and rolled onto the floor so I put you back in bed, but you wouldn't let go. You're not my type anyway, kid," Dredd explained coolly. Wow. It was nice to know that Dredd was repulsed by me. He sure did have a way with girls...f*cking gorilla.
    I watched as he rose from the bed and walked to the door with liquor bottle in hand. When he opened the door and I thought he would leave without saying anything or glancing back, he proved me wrong by doing just that.
    "You know you talk in your sleep?" Dredd questioned and my eyes widened. F*ck no I didn't know that. "Stay off the roof, kid, I don't want to have to explain to Phantom why his daughter is a mess on the ground outside." With that he slipped out of the room leaving me wondering what the hell he heard.
    I eased myself back against the headboard when I felt my arm begin to ache with oncoming pain. My life was seriously f*cked up. I needed to get out of here but that would be next to impossible with my dad's gorillas at every corner, especially Dredd. He didn't seem that bad for a beast/gorilla of a man. What was I saying?! They were all bad. Anyone who was stopping me from getting away so that I could get my revenge on the gringo was an enemy to me. Even my own father was my enemy. I was all alone and had no one to count on but myself. I had nothing fueling me to continue on with life except for the need to achieve revenge on the gringo. Before that it was just trying to keep my mind off of my past and living day by day. Now, I wanted blood. One last last hunt....kill the gringo. At any expense.



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