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I SAT NEXT to Steve silently. I had helped him to come back to the quinnjet. He had not said a word as well as most of the team. Bruce was consuming himself in his music. Natasha was partly shaking next to Clint. Thor haven't said a word neither. I knew that whatever they saw were probably their deepest fears.

I turned to look at Steve who was looking blankly at the whole in front of him. I hesistatly took his hand, giving it a tight squeeze. "You okay?" I asked him softy. Steve turned to look at me with a blank expression. "What happened? What did you saw?" I asked him, worried about his well being.

He seemed hesitant at first, but eventually gave in. "I saw Peggy. I saw Stark. She wanted a raincheck. We were dancing, but I knew it was a dream. It was a dream I could not wake up from." Steve said, looking at me dead in the eye.

"Something else happened." I told him. I knew him too well. Steve sighed, leaning his head in the cold metal wall. Silent settled among us again, but it only lasted for a few minutes.

"I saw you." Steve quietly said. I looked at him confused. "I saw you being killed in the dream. You were screaming my name. I tried to reach to you, but the hall just seemed to become longer. When I was finally able to pass the hall; I saw a door. It was transparent. I saw you being pushed to a metal table. You struggled to get out of their grip. I just saw how they put a mask over you, and I couldn't stop them." He explained. Their was pain in his eyes. "I saw them how they cut you opened. There was so much blood everywhere. Then, you flatlined. I couldn't do anything to stop it." Steve mumbled. I had never seen him that worried before.

"Is that your greatest fear then?" I asked him softly. He didn't looked at me. "Is your greatest fear losing me?"

"Yeah," Steve mumbled. "It is my greatest fear. I think it worsen when Zemo approached you at the party. Then, you told me what could happen if they experiment on you." Steve said. "The worst thing is that I know they will be a time were I will not be able to reach you in time, and you will be the one paying the consequences." He added. I sighed, hugging him tightly.

"I didn't tell you those things for you to be scare of losing me. There is always a possibility of death. It comes with the job. I don't want to lose you neither. We got each other to avoid that." I told him. "If it makes you feel better, you would not be losing me anytime soon." I told him, pulling away. I still had an over his shoulder. Steve gave me small smile, putting his arm around me. "You are not losing another best friend ever again."

"Sorry, to interrupt this brotherly reunion but we have landed." Clint said in front of us. I looked up to him with a small smile.

"Where are we?" I asked him.

"Some place safe." Clint just answered. He walked away towards Nat. I stood up along with Steve. He took a deep breath before holding his head high. He still had an arm wrapped an arm around me as we walked out of the quinjet. My eyes landed on a house in the middle of nowhere. I looked at Steve confused.

"Who is it belong?" I asked Clint. Clint ignored me, and continue towards the house. I sighed, following him. As he opened the door, I got to see the inside of the house. Steve let me entered before him. I jumped when I heard the running of feet and the screaming of children. I turned towards the source to see two kids running towards Natasha and Clint.

"This is a SHIELD, safe house." Stark said to us. "And those are small agents." He mumbled.

"Mom, dad." The youngest yelled, giving Clint a bone crushing hug. Clint chuckled, giving the side of her head.

"What?" I mumbled, looking at the scene unfold. Steve gave an amused look. "They.." I said thinking, looking between Natasha and Clint. However, before I could say anything else, Natasha spoke before me.

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