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I was sincerely blessed to be able to interview the chart topping author Autumn_Breeze ! It was an absolutely amazing experience, and she is such a lovely lady, I am truly blessed to be able to talk to a inspirational woman like herself.

Me: Thank you so much for this chance, it means a whole lot.

Autumn: No problem, thank you for interviewing me.

Me: I'll have to start this off with a pretty personal question, if you don't mind. All your books are lesbian love stories, so it has me thinking, are you a lesbian? Or is just a flicker of imagination?

Autumn: In my opinion, lesbian is a very broad title a lot of people can fall under. In the simplest since of the word, I am not a lesbian. Have I been with women before? Yes, certainly but I enjoy the company of men, as well. My lesbian stories are some experience with a dash of imagination tossed in.

Me: You have 3 published books that are all chart toppers, you must be very proud! Did you ever expect that your books would get this popular?

Autumn: Honestly, it never occurred to me that any of my work might do anything. Four years after putting LOVING ANNA on wattpad, I have 3.2 million reads, 16 thousand fans, and whole host of amazing opportunities just because of that book.

When LOVING ANNA and GRIM LIFE were published on amazon, both of them were on the best seller list. LOVING ANNA at #9 and GRIM LIFE at #38.

It has been an amazing experience all around. If you count the success I have had on my @HonestDying account with the gay stories I have co-authored with @A_Muse, than I have done my fair share of succeeding on Wattpad and off.

Me: How long did it take for your book LOVING ANNA and GRIM LIFE to get to 1 million reads?

Autumn: The rise of LOVING ANNA is actually very well documented on my Facebook Author page through screen shots and over excitement. LOVING ANNA, at the time called CHASING LOVE, got 1 million reads February 27, 2012 at 9:40PM! It also had 6 thousand votes and 15 hundred comments.

GRIM LIFE was not so well catalogued. I do know, I reached 1 million reads July 31, 2015. As for the time, I am unsure. By the time I noticed, I was about 6 thousand reads over the one million. It was another moment when I paused before jumping around and crying tears of happiness.

Me: Your most popular book is LOVING ANNA, which is a lesbian story; can you tell me your thoughts on how you came up with the idea and why you think it was the one to get the most reads?

Autumn: People ask me this question all the time and I can never give a solid good answers. Maybe because there isn't one. I don't know where I got the idea or why so many people read it. I know for a little over 3 years it was the most popular lesbian story on Wattpad. I no longer hold that title, which is kind of disappointing, but my success is still amazing. I am still proud of all my work.

Although, LOVING ANNA is not really my most popular story on Wattpad. That title goes to THE BILLIONAIRE'S BID which I co-authored with @A_Muse. It has 5.5 million reads, I believe upon my last look. You can check that out on the @HonestDying profile!

Me: Why are all your stories based on the love of same sex; is there a message you're trying to get across?

Autumn: Ben Berlin, an M.T.V. producer, asked me this same question when he was interviewing me for a possible spot on his web series OWNING IT. I tried to give him a clever, well thought out answer. Some of it was true. In reality, looking back our phone conversation, most of it was probably bullshit.

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